Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Review

When the Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 was first introduced in the market in 1989, it instantly became one of the most popular pair in the entire world. After all, it coincides with the time wherein Jordan was doing well in the NBA and many people would like to feel how it is to be like him, even just through the shoes that they are wearing. It features significant improvements from the previous versions of the shoe in order to address the changing demands of users, and more importantly, to keep up with the newer designs that have been released during that time.

Men's Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Features

  • One thing that has been always commended among the features of this shoe is the exceptional side ankle support. This is made possible by the provision of straps that are strategically placed on the side of the shoe.
  • The upper part of the shoe is made from full-grain leather. This is believed by many to be the best kind of leather material that is available for shoes. Its leather premium construction makes it an unrivalled option when it comes to having an attractive appearance. Such kind of leather has also gained positive reputation because of the durability that it offers.
  • With the mesh upper, you will surely be able to find delight in the fact that it can offer superior level of satisfaction. The mesh part is the one that is responsible for making sure that sufficient amount of airflow comes in, and hence, being able to keep the feet dry. With dry feet, you can prevent odor and you can also move with ease and show off your superstar moves.
  • The air sole heel is another feature that is worth noting about this pair. This provides proper cushioning to the feet and the ability to minimize impact. The end result is that it makes the shoe more comfortable to wear, even during extended hours of playing basketball.
  • It also comes with forefoot flex grooves. This design feature makes sure that the foot will be able to flex properly when needed and can minimize foot pain. This is also useful when the shoe is worn when you are walking in uneven terrains, and not just while you are in the basketball court.

Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Video Review and On Feet


What People Liked

  • Perfect and comfortable fit
  • Well-built and sturdy construction
  • Looks great even for casual wear

What People Disliked

  • Expensive price

Who Should Buy

  • Obviously, you should buy this shoe if you are a fan of Michael Jordan or if you maintain a collection of the Jordan line of shoes. It is also a good item to purchase for those people who are looking for shoes that offer excellent support on the ankle.
  • Even at this time, the Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 is still a sought-after model. Even with the release of new designs, its classic look is still being preferred by some fans. It sports a timeless design that is expected to be still one of the most iconic shoes ever released in the marketplace.

Nike Air Force 1 Review – Best Basketball Shoes Ever

From the very first version of the Nike Air Force 1 that has been released in 1982, it has gone a long way and is now being currently considered one of the most favored product lines of Nike.

The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 men’s basketball shoe, like its predecessors, was able to live up with the expectations of the buyers. It has shown various changes in design and improvement in technology while making sure that the same high quality can be enjoyed.

Nike Air Force 1 '07 Mens Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Features

  • The shoe comes with an AF-1 ’82 metal tag, which is considered a way of honoring the first release of the said shoe in 1982
  • Generally speaking, the shoe sports a stylish appeal while being true to its roots. This is considered to be an excellent innovation of what can be already considered as one of the classics in the marketplace.
  • It is made with leather and textile upper, a combination that is known not only for being able to offer a high level of durability, but also a sense of style.
  • It is designed with perforations, which is indicative of being able to provide ventilation. With this, you can expect the shoe to provide sufficient ventilation in order to keep the feet dry. This is very important as many basketball players are having problems with excessive sweating, even on the foot. By being well-ventilated, it promotes comfort and prevent foot odor.
  • Another thing that is worth noting about this shoe is the addition of pivot points that are placed on the heel and the forefoot. This offers the benefit of being able to enjoy smooth transitioning, regardless of the direction where you will move.
  • The shoe also comes with a non-marking rubber outsole, which is a common feature in many of the basketball shoes from Nike. This makes it possible to deliver exceptional traction in different types of floor surfaces. It also helps make the shoe more durable and be able to withstand frequent and tough use.

>> Check out all the features here <<

Nike Air Force 1 Mid On Feet + Review

Even after decades of Air Force 1 shoes, people still believe that they work almost effortlessly on the basketball court to this day. Some users also reported that the lower cut version is comfortable to wear throughout the day. The durability is another big advantage of these Nike shoes as well and continues to impress many buyers.

With a variety of different colorways available, it offers multi-purpose appeal and style that people can’t just glaze over. It offers a stylish and iconic flair that you just don’t get with many other shoe options available today.

Nike Air Force 1 Mid Quick Review + On feet (HD)

What People Liked

  • Padded collar that provides comfortable fit
  • Classic design with a modern take
  • Well-ventilated
  • Clean look
  • Very comfortable

What People Disliked

  • Width is not appropriate for people with narrow feet
  • Plain color that some find boring
  • Some buyers reported that the colorways might look different in person
  • Some also feel that the shoes are a bit heavy and bulky

Who Should Buy?

This is the perfect product for people who are looking for basketball shoes that cannot be only used when playing in the court but can also be worn casually when going out. Many of its users have enjoyed its versatile design, which makes it an excellent choice if you are looking for a pair of shoe that is not to be solely used for playing hoops.

This pair is a modern take on the classic shoe from Nike. While it has been introduced several years ago already, it is still an unmatched option in the product category, as proven by the positive reviews that have been shared by many of its users. This can provide you with the guarantee that you will be satisfied if such will be chosen.

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Choosing Basketball Shoes

When you are in the market for new basketball shoes, there are several factors you want to keep in mind. Basketball involves a lot of running, jumping, and quick direction changes which all require that you have a good pair of shoes to achieve.

Basketball shoes should be chosen based on a player’s style. For example, if you are known for those quick changes and find yourself running fast, then you will want to have a lighter weight shoe that still offers moderate air cushioning for comfort and allows for the flexibility and support you need on the court.

If you are a power player, on the other hand, you want a heavier shoe that offers more in the way of stability, durability, and ankle support. Many basketball players actually prefer the low cut shoes because they are far less restrictive. The Nike Air Force 1 shoes definitely check these boxes.

You also need to consider the sole of the footwear. The sole should be made with a rubber pattern that will better grip the floor as you play and provide you with the traction you need to stay grounded. Some are even designed specifically for outdoor play and have heavier soles.

Difference Between Basketball Shoes and Tennis Shoes

The Nike Air Force 1 shoes are great for basketball, but what exactly is the difference between these athletic shoes compared to tennis shoes?


Tennis shoes often have a lower top so they can remain lightweight and not rub against your ankle as you participate in activities. Basketball shoes, on the other hand, typically have a high-top, mid-top, and low-top versions like the Air Force 1 shoes.

The Soles

The sole of basketball shoes usually have a herringbone pattern that allows for more traction for those sudden starts and stops that are common during a basketball game. They are also designed for outdoor play as well and have heavier soles that are more durable.

Tennis shoes have different sole variations, and the choice usually comes down to what you are doing while you wear them. You can also find that same herringbone pattern with tennis shoes and can be used on a hard indoor court, but tennis shoes lack the other features that basketball shoes have that make them better for players. For example, they aren’t nearly as durable and end up seeing a lot more wear and tear when worn on the court.

Final Thoughts

The Air Force One line of shoes has been a very popular athletic shoe choice for many for decades. It is an iconic shoe that continues to dominate the market. They are suitable for both street play as well as professional play and have even been worn by top NBA players on the court.

So, while these shoes may be on the pricier side, you will come to find out very quickly that the high price tag is definitely worth it. With these shoes, you are purchasing value and quality and will have a pair of shoes that are durable and comfortable to wear on and off the court, and that really is the trademark of any good shoe.

Nike Kobe 8 System Review

When trying to look for basketball shoes, there are different considerations that are taken into account. For instance, some would put an emphasis in design, while there are some who would like to pay attention in performance. For the budget-conscious, price is an essential consideration. On the other hand, there are also some who choose based on what is being worn by their favorite basketball players. In a marketplace that is replete in terms of alternatives, one option that is sure to provide you with a high level of satisfaction is the Nike Kobe 8 System men’s basketball shoe.

Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM

Kobe 8 Features

  • One of the most defining features that one can find in this pair is known as the Lunarlon technology, which is the same innovation that is found in the previous versions of the shoe. This technological advancement is primarily the one that is responsible for making the shoe lightweight. The shoe weighs only less than 10 ounces.
  • Through being able to offer 360-degree breathability, there is also no doubt that this is an excellent choice when it comes to comfort. The upper part of the shoe is made from 90% mesh, which provides sufficient ventilation to keep your feet dry as you play. The tightly-woven design also adds up to making it more breathable than other shoes.
  • It is also important to highlight the presence of the Nike Zoom technology in this shoe. This allows the production of thin cushioning, which enhances the stability of the shoe and allows the foot to be brought closer to the ground. The same technology is also helpful in making the shoe both lightweight and durable.
  • This basketball shoe also comes with webbed rubber outsole. While it is not that thick, the outsole is promising in terms of making sure that the traction is exceptional. This is also the reason on why the shoe is very flexible, making it ideal for showing how you can move quickly when playing a game of hoops.
  • This shoe also features signature details, which are reflective of the craftsmanship and thoroughness of its design. These details make the shoe exude more attractiveness, making the wearer command a second look from other people.

>> Check out all the features here <<

Kobe 8 Review

Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM Performance Review

What People Liked

  • Excellent traction in different surfaces
  • Ability to bend naturally
  • Breathable and perfect fit

What People Disliked

  • Outsole is quite thin
  • Poor ankle support

 Who Should Buy

This is the default choice of basketball shoe for Kobe Bryant fans. However, even if you are not a fan, this shoe is still the perfect choice if you are looking for a model that is very light, which will allow you to move freely in the basketball court.

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Combing old and new technologies, this eight installment of Kobe Bryant’s shoes from Nike is another favorite in the marketplace. While it shows off a stunning design, it never fails to create an impressive mark with regards to performance. It is another offering from Nike that has once again proven its dominance within the product category.

Nike Air Jordan XX8 Review

When the elephant print has been first introduced in the Air Jordan 3, it became an instant hit. 25 years later, innovation has been taken on a higher ground with the introduction of the Nike Air Jordan XX8 Elephant Print Men’s Basketball Shoes. It has captured the attention of basketball lovers and shoe collectors not only because of its unique design, but also because of being replete in innovative features that make it a cut above all others that are found in the marketplace today.

Air Jordan XX8

Nike Air Jordan XX8 Features

  • The Nike Air technology is perhaps one of the most commendable features found in this model. The latter has been exclusively developed by the company, which makes use of the lightest cushioning materials that are available. This results into being unmatched in terms of comfort and allowing players to move with ease. This will make it a snap to show off your superstar moves.
  • It also has Dynamic Fit, which offers the benefit of making sure that the fit will be right all the time. The shoe is designed with straps and laces that can be loosened or tightened depending on which you will be most comfortable with. The design of the straps is also well-thought, providing you with the confidence that your movements will never be restricted.
  • Another feature that deserves to be given emphasis is the Flight Plate Technology. This technology is said to optimize every step that is made by the person wearing such. This results into being able to demonstrate greater athletic performance in every move.
  • The shoe also comes with fiber carbon heel. The lightness and strength of carbon fiber are two of the things that make it one of the most important materials in the most advanced athletic shoes. This significantly improves the structural integrity of the shoe, while also making sure that your comfort is given emphasis.
  • This pair is also ultra-responsive. When playing basketball, it is important to wear shoes like this as it can make sure of being able to respond to your every move, regardless of how quick you act.
  • The elephant print design is another defining feature of the shoe, making it command a second look from those who will see you wearing this pair.

>> Check out all the features here <<

Nike Air Jordan XX8 Performance Video Review

Air Jordan XX8 (28) Performance Review

What People Liked

  • Attention-grabbing design
  • Exceptional durability, especially the sole
  • Excellent traction in different surfaces

What People Disliked

  • Expensive price tag

Who Should Buy

Obviously, this shoe should be bought by Jordan fans or those who like the Jordan collection of basketball shoes. This is also the ideal choice for people who like shoes that are not only good in terms of performance and playability, but also with regards to design.

>> Read more customer reviews here <<

Gone were the days wherein basketball shoes have minimal and boring design. This model from Nike is one proof of such. It has innovated the way basketball shoes are designed. Fashion-forward basketball players will surely find delight in this well-designed shoe that is complemented with the best technology that is available.

Best Cheap Basketball Shoes Under $100

Playing basketball isn’t the cheapest sport. In fact, this sport is quite expensive because of the training, the rent for courts, the clothes like the jersey and, of course, the footwear. Ironically, no matter how expensive and difficult it is to attain a career and basketball, many people still do so. Here are the top 10 cheap basketball shoes that are very affordable and ideal for those who are trying to spare some cash but still want to be in the court. Everything here under a hundred dollars!

Our Pick of the Best Cheap Basketball Shoes

Nike Men’s Air Force 1 ’07

Nike Air Force 1 '07 Mens Basketball Shoes

Everyone knows the Air Force 1 product line because it has been popular since its release in 1982. What people love most about this shoe aside from its style is the fact that it is very durable! Not to mention, very affordable as well. For fewer than 100 dollars, the 2007 version of the Air Force 1 will give you the comfort you need in playing in the court. It has a rubber sole and a synthetic leather material. These shoes will last long and is great for casual wear, too. This is available in many colors and Nike does customize this version and other versions as well. However, the most popular one is the white one. Nevertheless, no matter what the design, this version of the Air Force 1 does its job!

AND1 Men’s Total Assist

This shoe from AND1 is available in Black/Black and White/Black/Red. This is the ideal shoe for the beginners because it is perfect for basketball training activities. This is indeed one of the good cheap basketball sneakers out there that you can give as a gift to kids who want to pursue a career in basketball. It has synthetic material and sole. In addition to this, it is very stylish as well. This looks like the typical mid high basketball shoes with laces and all.

Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 Retro 89

Nike Mens Air Jordan 1 Retro 89 Basketball Shoes

The Nike Men’s Air Jordan 1 retro 1989 is one of the most stylish but also least expensive shoes Nike has put out in the market. The styles available really brings out the 80’s – 90’s fashion trend on whoever wears it. The colors are very disco and it comes in many styles as well. The material is leather and synthetic and the sole is expected to be rubber for more amazing floor action in the basketball court. Though, we do not advise you folks to wear this right away for a game. The best thing to do is to use it for about 2 days for walking or whatever casual stuff you need to accomplish and then use it for a game on the third day. The reason behind this is because it is a little bit uncomfortable on the toe box on the first day. So just to be safe and to free you from future pain in the foot, walk around with it first.

Reebok Men’s Wall Season 3 – Zig

Reebok is also one of the leading brands when it comes to sports apparel that’s why it is expected that they are part of our affordable basketball sneaker list. This particular shoe is very inexpensive in deed and, like the AND1, is great for the beginners. Kids and teenagers who are starting to show interest in basketball will love to receive this as a gift. This particular shoe is very comfortable because once you place your feet in there, you would automatically feel like there’s a sock hugging your foot. In addition to this, it is stylish as well. The height of the shoe is ideal for providing great ankle support thus, you get to lower your risk for ankle injuries. The indoor traction is superb as well. Though we don’t recommend you using these outdoors as much as you can use it indoors but that still depends on you.

Nike Air Ring Leader Low

Nike Air Ring Leader Low

This basketball shoe is available in many colors. This has a rubber sole which has the perfect grip for basketball courts. The sole is so soft that sometimes you think that it’s not there anymore. It is a low top basketball shoe and it makes it great for running and working out as well. Other than this, the shoe is also very durable because of the synthetic-and-leather material used. People also love using it for soccer! This is the all around sports shoe that is very inexpensive. It will feel a bit stiff on the toe area for the first days of use so use it for walking for a few days before you bring it to the game. This is a great shoe in and out of the court and it looks great with shorts!

Nike Men’s the Overplay VII

This is one of the cheap basketball sneakers that has a really sleek and cool style. It is made of leather-and –synthetic and has a very durable sole that is great for running, jumping and stopping in the court. It is perfect if you really want to be efficient during the game. The upper part is super flexible yet durable so it provides the proper support for your feet. The high-top styling also has a padded tongue with a collar that hugs your ankle thus, preventing ankle injuries. There is an internal heel counter so that your foot locks-down and is stable. The midsole is Phylon. That material makes the shoe absorb shock and distributes the shock evenly in the sole. This is also one of the shoes in this list that makes great running shoes – perfect for jogging in any area.

Fila Men’s the Cage

Fila aimed for comfort on this pair and they nailed it. The Fila Men’s the Cage Basketball Shoe is definitely a really comfortable one. It is made of a mixture of leather and fabric on the exterior and it has a rubber sole which is perfect for indoor basketball courts. Play at your own risk if you want to use this outdoors. The cushioning EVA midsole is also a great feature which is great for landing. This shoe does not hurt the middle of the foot at all. There is also a lateral support strap along with the laces of the shoe to ensure that your foot stays in place and that there is no dead air inside. The tongue is cushioned so you don’t need to worry about getting hurt with the lateral straps and how tight it could feel.

Nike Men’s Air Visi Pro IV

This shoe from Nike was a big hit back when it was released and it got great reviews. This has a synthetic leather upper alongside a collar that provides optimum comfort for your ankles. The shoe is very light weight and this can be attributed to the fact that the midsole is Phylon and it is an Air-Sole unit. The cushioning is perfect and makes every player responsive and efficient in the court. Again, this shoe is best worn on indoor courts rather on outdoors. The soles are rubber and has the classic herringbone pattern which is perfect for the game of basketball. This pattern is ideal for multidirectional traction and flexes properly so the player can change positions quickly without hurting his foot.

Reebok Men’s Buckets VII

Reebok Mens Buckets VII Basketball Shoe

This shoe is available in many designs but the pure black one is the best looking for us. It has a rubber sole and has the usual Reebok look. This is not a heavy duty basketball shoe. But, it does its job. So this is perfect for those guys who just play basketball from time to time. It is very cheap and will not hurt your budget at all. It is also perfect for children who are still trying to discover their talent in basketball. This fits true to size and it is very light so you feel like you are walking on a cloud. It does not hug your foot like other shoes do but that’s great because it does not hurt the toes at all.

Under Armour Men’s UA Jet 2

The leather and synthetic overlays of this shoe ensures that the player has lateral and medial stability. The colar is super breathable because it is made of open mesh and die cut. The sock liner cushions are molded and will keep your foot locked in so you don’t need to worry about dead space inside the shoe. Your foot will totally be locked in the whole time. It has a full-length EVA foam midsole which makes the midsole super comfortable and provides the comfort you need while you play. The rubber sole is just one continuous piece but still allows great traction.


And there you go! Now you know that basketball does not need to be that expensive. There are cheap basketball shoes you can purchase for under 100 dollars that does its job really well!


5 Best Basketball Shoes Everyone’s Talking About!

Best Basketball Shoes

Last Updated: May 01. Basketball sneakers are always part of the men’s wardrobe. Whether for fashion or sports use, basketball shoes are always part of the closet of a man. Though, someone who would wear it for fashion may not prioritize durability, someone who takes the sport seriously, however, needs the best basketball shoes. So what are the criteria for basketball sneakers to be considered the best? Here is a buying guide for all you basketball players out there!

There are so many good basketball shoes in the market right now and it might be a challenge to look for the perfect one. So here is our list of the top 5 to help you out! Better get your cash ready because you will totally want to buy at least one, if not all, of the shoes in our list.

Top 5 Basketball Shoe Reviews

  • Air Jordan XX8

Air Jordan XX8

The Air Jordan XX8 has a translucent outsole with a spiral effect. No matter what you do in the court, there is going to be traction and that is just a phenomenal attribute that the Air Jordan XX8 has. Rubber in the sole is not that flexible but that should come out as a good thing because it makes it more durable. This shoe may be used both on indoor and outdoor courts. The forefoot and back unit is separated and the middle is raised a little bit so that when you press down, it absorbs the shock evenly.

This shoe is perfect for guards or anyone who runs a lot on the floor because of the cushion. The Air Jordan XX8 does not feel as the typical zoom unit because it rests directly without the foam. The material used for the interior is minimal micromesh which are like fingers that hug your foot. There is also a mesh inner boot. The exterior shroud is also very durable. The zipper will make a lot of people worry since laces are more durable but the zippers are top of the line. So that should not be a problem. The Air Jordan XX8 is so light that it just feels and looks like a giant sock with a sole. The only drawback you could have with this unit is the fact that if you get run over a lot, the outsole will wear out easily. A thicker fuse might have done the trick here.

If you choose to buy this basketball shoe and want a real snug fit, you need to go half a size down. You can adjust this from low top to high top depending on your needs.

  • Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM

Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM

First things first, the Nike Kobe 8 System has a range of awesome designs. It is available in really dope designs you will love. The shoe is so aesthetically beautiful that you can actually wear it casually. This fits like a glove and offers awesome traction on inside courts. Outside courts are a different story and you must play with it outside at your own risk. The lockdown is top of the line. It is ridiculously light at 9.6 ounces and very durable. The level of comfort allows you to have quicker feet which will benefit basketball players.

The traction is herringbone that is why it is great indoors. If you play outdoors a lot, then you are better off with the XDR outsole. The rubber is super soft but has a dragon skin texture that offers great grip on the floor. The cushion is a system set up which is optional for the user. If ever you do choose to use this perfect foam cushion, expect that impact will be distributed evenly. The material used is mesh which wraps around the foot greatly and does not allow any dead space inside. There is support all throughout the shoe as well inside. The pillows on the tongue are a great feature and you can snug it as much as you want. This fits true to size and overall, this is the best basketball guard shoes ever.

  • Adidas Adipure Crazyquick

Adidas Adipure CrazyQuick Mens Basketball Shoe

Traction is great indoors rather than outdoors because the rubber is not that dense. So, it’s ultimately your decision to use this shoe for outdoor gaming. The forefoot has minimal cushion and this should come out as relatively comfortable for some people. However, if your criterion for shoes is the cushion, then you are better off with another kind. The midsole is thin and this is not such a drawback because it actually feels great most especially if you are a ground player, not the one who keeps on jumping and flying in the court.

The material used is TechFit and, as usual, super awesome. Durability wise – not so much but when it comes to providing support – it is top of the line. There is SprintFame that is perfectly foot hugging. The lacing has a synthetic overlay design to make sure to keep the foot locked into the bed. You might have a little trouble making sure that your heel is in place. Ventilation is given but doesn’t expect a tremendous amount of air like other basketball shows. This one has a moisture wicking spandex that should do the trick. Since you are practically barefoot in this shoe, then you will avoid ankle injuries as it does not hug your ankles that much. Overall, Adidas did a superb job on this one, the only thing that can make it perfect, if it still isn’t for you, is their Boost foam. Once you get this all together, it becomes the perfect basketball shoes.

  • Nike Air Jordan Retro 4

Men's Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Basketball Shoes

Also known as the Carmelo 4, this is also a great shoe for the ball game. This is available in many colors as well. This shoe is tagged as the best release of the year 2013 so far and rightfully so. It is indeed great basketball shoes. The material is synthetic and meshes on the upper part. The mid sole is max air unit and the outsole is Rubber with the classic herringbone pattern. The rubber outsole makes it very easy for basketball players to stop and move without getting injured. The height is low top to mid top and secures the ankle very well. This is a great basketball shoe but most of all it is super stylish! This looks great on the court and on the dance floor. This is probably why it’s sold out everywhere and why people lined up for it for up to 5 hours just to get it on the release date. Great buy and a must have.

  • Nike Air Force 1

Nike Air Force 1 '07 Mens Basketball Shoes

This basketball shoe comes in many different styles that you will surely love. The Nike Air Force 1 is the updated version of the original which was released in 1982. The difference from the previous ones? Well, not that much. It still aims to provide comfort to basket ball players and users while adding some fresh designs every time a new one comes out. This is a must have for all Nike Air Force One Collectors and basketball players as well.

The material used in this version is letter and it has a very nice man made sole. It has a premium leather upper as well. There is an air-sole unit that is perfect for cushioning. It is very easy for a player to move around and jump or run because the sole absorbs shock evenly. The rubber outsole provides the player with great grip and is also very durable. So there is no need to worry about durability. This shoe is one of the most sold old shoes that Nike has and I seriously think that this will have more versions in the future. It’s a classic and each time a new version comes out, more value is placed into the old ones.

How to Find the Best Basketball Shoes

  • Choose the Perfect Ankle Height

    The ankle height of the shoes has a lot to do with how a basketball player plays in game. In fact, each role on a basketball team should have a corresponding ankle height for their basketball sneakers. For instance, if the team relies on you for speed then the ankle height for your basketball sneakers should be relatively short because high top ones can restrict movement and slow you down. Mid-tops may be acceptable for runners but low-tops are a definite NO!

    Those who need to perform many different roles in the game can be safe with mid-top ankle high basketball sneakers which are very abundant in the market these days because this is also the choice of basketball player trainees. If your role in game is to make a lot of stop and start moves, then the best are high-top basketball sneakers. High-tops are great for pivoting and jumping. High tops are also great for casual games such as those in half courts and the like.

  • Provides Comfort and Ease in Playing

    All basketball players need cushioning, flexibility and support in their shoes. In addition to this, basketball sneakers should not be a burden to the person playing. This is why it is very important that they are super light. In average, the best basketball shoes should just weight about more or less 10 ounces. All these factors make up the best shoe for basketball. Thus, try out all the shoes that want until you get the one that is a perfect fit.

  • Choose the Right Size and Width

    Now, this is pretty obvious, however, there are times when you simply base the shoe you buy from the size written in the box. For basketball players, repeated stress on the feet can actually change the size of the foot and though this change is small, it can affect how a player runs and does other actions in the court. Thus, every time you go shopping for the best basketball shoes, you must always let a sales associate assist you in re-measuring your shoe size. Sizing charts are all over shoe stores anyway, so this won’t be a problem. If you plan to buy online, simply take a ruler or tape measure and trace your foot then measure from the heel up to the highest toe.

  • Don’t Miss Out on Style

    Of course, style would be part of this list. You want to look your best so you can play your best game. Over the past few years, the basketball sneakers that players wear has become a part of their individuality. There is no one style of basketball sneakers that look great. What may be a cool design for you may not be the same for another. No matter what style you choose, make sure it looks good on your feet!


So, there you go! The top 5 basketball shoes of the year. These shoes are not only guaranteed to give you a good game on the court, but it also ensures the safety of your golden feet. These set of shoes may have different prices ranging from affordable to not-so-affordable but always bear in mind that it is very important is that you are safe while playing basketball. In addition that, comfortable basketball sneakers will give you your A-game! The best basketball shoes will bring out the best in you and will definitely make you the best player you can be. And last but not the least, it does not hurt to bring a little bit of style in the court! So go head and rock these kicks along with your jersey and have a lot of fun!

Last Updated: May 01.


Play Like a Pro with the Best Basketball Shorts

If you are currently looking for the best basketball shorts, you are lucky to have found this article. By the time that you are finished reading, you can easily decide which one will provide the best bang for the buck.

Top 5 Best Basketball Shorts Reviews

DRYV Baller Basketball Shorts

best basketball shortsHave you ever heard of a basketball short that also doubles as a towel? This product is the perfect example of such. It can be used by players to keep their hands dry, which is basically because it is made from a unique fabric that can be able to keep the hand dry when needed. The moisture wicking fabric that is used in this product allows the players to be as comfortable as possible as it manages sweat.

What users liked:

  • Made from lightweight fabric
  • Deep pockets for storage

What users disliked:

  • Expensive

Russell Athletic Men’s Basketball Inspired Short

Russell Athletic Men's Basketball-Inspired ShortThis short is made from 100% Trilobal mesh that is known not only for being durable, but also for being durable. The short also comes with an internal draw cord, which means that it will be easy for you to ensure the proper fit. It can be tightened or loosened, depending on the size of your waist.

What users liked:

  • Lightweight, making it easy for you to move while playing
  • Adjustable draw cord on the waist

What users disliked:

  • Inseam is a bit short
  • Easily unthreads

Nike Dri-Fit Elite 2.0- Best Nike Basketball Shorts

Nike Men's Dri-Fit Elite 2.0 Basketball ShortsBrand conscious basketball players will surely find delight with this option. Among other things, the stay-cool technology is one of the most commendable about this product. Even if it is worn for an extended period and in a hot weather, you can be assured that you will stay cool and comfortable. You will also feel dry, even if you already sweat too much from an intense game of hoops.

What users liked:

  • Elastic waist with draw cord that makes it easy to adjust based on waist size
  • There are side pockets

What users disliked:

  • Expensive price tag

Under Armour Men’s UA EZ Mon-Knee Printed Basketball Shorts

Under Armour Men's UA EZ Mon-Knee Printed Basketball ShortsEven with basketball shorts, you can be able to demonstrate a sense of fashion. This is exactly the case with this product. Aside from the fashionable design, it is also made from textured fabric that looks really nice. It also incorporates mesh panels on the side for superior ventilation. It is one of the most breathable choices available in the marketplace today.

What users liked:

  • Attractive printed design
  • Moisture Transport System that manages body sweat

What users disliked:

  • Can appear to be short for taller players

Jordan Men’s Nike Air Bright Lights Basketball Shorts

Jordan Men's Nike Air Jordan Bright Lights Basketball ShortsIf you like Jordan or Nike, this short will surely show your admiration for them. It is made with the use of Dri-FIT fabric that is known for the ability to wick away moisture, and hence, staying dry. When it comes to its design, it is also commendable because it allows the delivery of better mobility.

What users liked:

  • Excellent ventilation because of all-over mesh construction
  • The screen print adds style

What users disliked:

  • Printed design is too large
  • Quite shorter than other Jordan shorts

What to Look for in Basketball Shorts

  • Fabric: Polyester is the most popular amongst the fabrics that are used for basketball shorts. You will have an endless selection, but it is not that durable. If you want shorts that can withstand long-term use, settle with one made from cotton, which is also very comfortable, especially when playing on a hot weather.
  • Size: For sure, you would not like to play wearing basketball shorts that are too tight or too loose. Make sure that you choose one that is appropriate for your waist size. Pay attention to proper length as well.
  • Price: This is important if you are budget-conscious. The ones made by more popular brands can prove to be the most expensive.


By now, you might have a clearer perspective on the different things that should be given careful thought before you finally decide to buy new basketball shorts. Also, you might have also gained insights on some of the possible choices that can be taken into account. These recommendations are based on a cumulative analysis of reviews published about the product, and are inconclusive. It is the belief of the author that the good words expressed by its users are more than enough to convince you that they are amongst the best you will ever find.

Best Basketball Socks: What Your Foot Needs

Your basketball shoes are designed to be partnered with socks. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and sored after a game. With this, the rest of this article outlines some of the best choices with regards to the best basketball socks, as well as a quick guide on how to choose the right pair.

Best Basketball Socks Reviews

Thorlo Men’s Basketball Over Calf Review

Best Basketball SocksIf you have problems with sweaty feet, there is no doubt that this is an option that is worth being taken into account. It is made from moisture-wicking materials that are known for being able to keep the feet dry, even after long hours. The extended heel pad is also worth noting, which is the one that is responsible for the provision of unmatched protection for the Achilles tendon.

What users liked:

  • Able to maintain dryness of the feet for a long time
  • Easy to wash

What users disliked:

  • Some have problems with how it did not reach above the calf

Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks Review

Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew SocksThis is a highly recommended option for basketball players with a sense of style, basically because of its attractive design and vibrant colors. In terms of being able to promote the comfort of the user, this is also an unrivaled option. One thing that proves such is the ergonomic cushioning. It is also known for its ability to control odor and moisture.

What users liked:

  • Anti-microbial properties that provide the highest level of protection to the feet
  • Attractive design

What users disliked:

  • Can be ripped easily
  • Looks like a fake version of Nike Elite

NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock Review

NBA Logoman Quarter Length SockThis sock is made from 58% acrylic, 32% cotton, and 10% nylon. An NBA logo is embedded on the side. This makes it an ideal choice for professional players or for the die-hard fans of the league. Its quality has also been frequently lauded by many people, noting that it can still prove to be highly functional after a long time of use, unlike in the case of other socks that deteriorate easily.

What users liked:

  • The embossed NBA logo makes you look more professional
  • Easy to wear
  • Provides highest level of comfort

What users disliked:

  • Low quality fabric

Adidas Team Speed Crew Sock Review

Adidas Team Speed Crew SockAmong other things, the Climalite technology is one of the best thing about this product. This is an innovative feature that makes sure that the feet will stay cool and dry, even during a prolonged intense game of basketball. The anatomic shape is also worth giving emphasis. This allows the foot to deliver natural movements, and hence, being able to ensure your comfort.

What users liked:

  • Exceptional cushioning in high-impact areas
  • Excellent fit

What users disliked:

  • Made from thin material
  • Can easily appear to be worn out

Nike Elite Crew Dri-Fit Basketball Sock Review

Nike Elite Men's Cushioned Crew Sock Dri-Fit BasketballIf you like popular brands, you will surely find delight with this product as it is made by Nike. It is made with Dri-Fit fabric that stays dry even when your feet are sweating. The sweat-wicking power is very good. It also offers foot strike cushioning that promotes comfort to the critical areas of the foot. This also proves to be very effective in the reduction of irritation on foot.

What users liked:

  • Excellent arch support that promotes stability and right fit
  • Fits perfectly
  • Thick and durable

What users disliked:

  • Overpriced

Some Tips in Choosing the Right Pair of Basketball Socks

  • Make sure that the size is right. Keep in mind that different brands can have different sizes. It will be useful to refer to their sizing chart, if such is provided, and see which one is perfect for your foot size.
  • The cushioning of the sock will prove to be vital. This makes it possible for some parts to be thick enough to provide the highest level of protection and comfort. This is especially important for intense ball games that are anticipated to last for hours.
  • It is also paramount to consider the fabric. The best choice would be those that are made from moisture-wicking fabric to make sure that your feet will remain dry. The fabric should be also thick enough to be durable.

Basketball socks will prevent any serious foot problem and discomfort. If the right pair of socks will be chosen, you can be assured of being able to demonstrate better basketball skills.