10 Unique Basketball Coach Gift Ideas

It’s very easy to assume that you are a great gift-giver until you have to come up with several unique ideas on what to give someone like your kid’s basketball coach. Gifting is often a good way to show your appreciation for all that someone has done for you or to just let them know that they are an important part of your life and that you value them. That message won’t come across if you give them a gift that doesn’t seem that well thought out.

Think about it between someone who gets you a pair of socks for what seems like the millionth time on your birthday and someone who gets you something that you would really appreciate like maybe a dinner for two at that fancy restaurant that you just can’t seem to get a reservation for – who do you think put much thought into their gift? It’s not always about the price. Sometimes, it’s about how practical that gift is to the person receiving it.

Your child’s basketball coach is generally someone who is very practical and as such, the gift you get him/her needs to show some thought. That being said, here are ten unique basketball coach ideas that you can use this year:

1. Championship Ring Display Box

Now this is a gift that could say one of two things:

      • You recognize that he/she is a great coach who has won many championships
      • You have faith that he/she will lead the team to many championships

championship ring display box image

This is a gift that works whether the team has won championships or not. Either way, gifting the coach with this Championship Ring Box is a way to show that you are involved and take keen interest in how well the team is doing or have faith that they will do well under this coach.

2. Personalized Coach Whistle

personalized coach whistle image

Every coach wants to stand out. Whether it’s through their achievements, coaching style or through the gear that they use. One way to help your kid’s coach stand out is to get them a personalized coach whistle. You can even have the whistle engraved with a touching message to show how much you value all that the coach does for your child as a parent.

3. A Collection of the Best Basketball Movies

There is a good chance that your kid’s coach has already seen all these and maybe they are all on Netflix anyway but who doesn’t like having collectible DVDs of the most motivational sports movies? Depending on the age of the coach (the older generation would appreciate this more) you can get them a collection of the best and most motivational sports movies either in DVD or Blue ray form. Think of movies like:

      • Coach Carter
      • Hoosiers
      • Space Jam
      • Hoop Dreams
      • Glory Road

The list is endless and the best part is that these movies don’t have to be strictly basketball themed. Every sport has one thing is common with the rest – the players have to be motivated to perform well.

4. Customized Basketball with Team or Coach Photo

There is a myriad of companies that can customized almost everything on this planet. One of the most thoughtful ways to show your basketball coach that you appreciate them is to get a customized basketball that has either their photo or the team photo and year. This will act as a thoughtful memorabilia.

5. Basketball Notebook

baden pebbled basketball notebook image

The coach is probably going to have a host of basketball themed paraphernalia but one more can’t hurt. This “Baden Pebbled Basketball Notebook” will be a useful addition to their collection. It’s made out of synthetic leather and can hold 8.5″ x 11″ pad inside plus it has slots for a pen and business cards. This is as practical as gifts get.

6. Basketball Coaching Board Clipboard

basketball coaching board clipboard image

Again, they probably have several of these but one more can’t hurt. A Basketball Coaching Board Clipboard is something they can use every day to run plays with the team and as a result, they will appreciate it all the more.

7. Dinner for Two

These gifts don’t all have to be basketball themed. Don’t forget that the coach is also a person who has a social life and loved ones who would like to spend quality time with them. Getting them a dinner for two at a fancy restaurant (all expenses paid) is a good way for you to show your appreciation and give the coach a chance to spend some quality time with a loved one.

8. Basketball 3D Illumination Lamp

basketball 3d Illumination lamp image

This Basketball 3D Illumination Lamp serves as both a vanity as well as practical gift. Not only is it really cool but it also acts as a night light which can change into seven different colors.

9. Personalized Basketball Coach Pen

personalized basketball coach pen image

This is yet another gift that is themed after the game that the coach loves so much. With this personalized basketball coach pen they can proudly yet subtly announce their profession and passion every time they take it out to sign or write down something. This qualifies as a vanity and practical gift.

10. A Book

the hoops whisperer by idan ravin image

While most people might think a book is a boring gift, the truth is that it depends on the kind of book. Something like “The Hoops Whisperer” by Idan Ravin is not only entertaining but also full of tips that can help the coach take their coaching game to the next level. This is a gift that will help improve both the coach and the players.

While many of these gifts might seem “typical” the truth is that they are things that the coach really can’t have too many of. For example, the pens, the clipboard and the notebook folders are all things that he/she can use on a day to day basis and therefore will be grateful to have a steady supply or stock.

It only takes a bit of thought and maybe some insight into what kind of person the basketball coach in question is to find the right unique gift for them. These unique basketball coach gift ideas listed here should help you get started.