Best Portable Basketball Hoop for Your Driveway

It’s no secret that most children love basketball. When I was a kid, I remember rushing through breakfast on weekends with my siblings to go out and play basketball with the neighbors. Basketball definitely occupies a big chunk of my memory, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Parents are usually mortified about their children getting into basketball culture, usually for one main reason: the well being of their cars… and possibly plants! Now, I will have to admit, we did smash a few car windows while playing basketball in the olden days… and get chased by old ladies down the neighborhood, but that’s only because they were the ones parking in inconvenient locations. Oh, God, how hated was the person that would park right under the basketball court… it was just, WHY?

Well, what if basketball courts could move around, what If they were portable? That was our dream back when we were kids—we could easily move the court when a disrespectful neighbor occupied our sacred territory. But, unfortunately, they simply didn’t exist. Courts were extremely heavy and put in place, and not even the strongest kid on the block could move one. So, we were stuck eating popsicles on the porch when our neighbors decided to kill our vibe by landing their vehicles within the range of our playing spot.

However, in a world filled with innovative creations, a portable basketball court is the least thing a modern-day kid can possibly worry about. And, let’s be real, it’s also every parent’s dream. Instead of stressing out when kids are playing in the driveway near one’s car or having to park in inconvenient locations, kids, nowadays, can move their courts around to fit their needs and their parents’ desires. As I was shopping for a portable basketball court for my nephew this Christmas, I came across some really cool deals on Amazon, so allow me to share my discoveries:

1. Movement God Portable Basketball Hoop with 44-Inch Backboard

movement god portable basketball hoop with 44 inch backboard image

As described in the title, this one is the ‘Movement God’. It’s great because the base has wheels and can easily be maneuvered around the block to fit your needs. What is also awesome about this hoop is that it is height adjustable, so you can adjust the height and enjoy a good game after your children go off to bed (basketball is so great at night). The tube and rim are made of steel, and the backboard is made of HDPE material as is the base making it a sturdy, quality, and long-lasting basketball hoop for children of an economically-efficient parent.

2. Lifetime 90022 Youth Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

lifetime 90022 youth height adjustable portable basketball system image

This is another great Amazon product and is backed by a 5-year manufacturer warranty, so you can’t go wrong with this one. It is also height adjustable that easily adjusts from 5.5' to 7.5' in 6" increments. This one is great because the rim can be folded, making it easier to put away or carry while traveling (making it less hectic to take along when moving to a new house). It’s also rust and weather resistant, and has an all-weather nylon net so you don’t have to worry about it being out in the rain or putting it away during the winter—another massive task to cross off your to-do list!

3. SKLZ Pro Mini Basketball Hoop

sklz pro mini basketball hoop image

This is one of those hoops that you hang on a wall. Also portable, this one is great because you can easily carry it around and hang it wherever you’d like. I would recommend this one for indoor use at home or in a classroom. The hoop and the ball are glow in the dark so kids can easily see them while playing at night!

4. Kids Junior Portable Indoor Adjustable Basketball Hoop Stand

kids junior portable indoor adjustable basketball hoop stand image

This hoop was created for the indoors, specifically for children. If you don’t want to worry about your kids wandering around the streets, they can play basketball under your supervision inside the house! The hoop is relatively small and light so it can easily be carried around whenever you need to bring it out or put it away. It’s very affordable and would make as a great Christmas present for you budding basketball lover!

5. Portable Basketball Hoop for Children

portable basketball hoop for children image

This hoop has to be my favorite. I think it is innovative and can be super fun for toddlers to play with. It is also pretty small, so you don’t need to worry about it hanging around in your living room (I don’t think it looks bad, so it wouldn’t be a major problem hanging around really, at least not for me). Kids won’t be frustrated when they can’t score and will be kept pretty busy playing with this. It is made of welded steel so it is durable for long-term use. You are probably already worried about your kid getting into trouble with this, but it stands securely with a firm base so a child cannot tilt it over or get stuck in it. Yes, I know how creative children can be when it comes to getting their mommies and daddies worried, but it’s not going to work this time!

So, whether you are looking to purchase a hoop for your young adult, teenager, or toddler, or even for yourself (for which I would recommend the first product), there are plenty of options on Amazon for great quality and durable basketball hoops to fit your needs. Whether you wish to purchase an adjustable basketball hoop that can be used alternatively for adults, teenagers, and children, or you want to get a special hoop designed specifically for kids, there are many great options from which you can choose. Hone those basketball skills while keeping life convenient with a portable basketball hoop and you will be very satisfied. Portable basketball hoops make a great present for girls and boys and will last for many years to come!

Best Basketball Hoop for a Trampoline

Trampolines were first invented in the 1930s and have become an iconic part of many childhoods ever since. Over the years the trampoline has had many developments to evolve the experience that people, especially children, can have while using one. The most important development has been the net enclosures that are designed for the safety of the jumpers.

basketball hoop image

The net enclosures have allowed for added fun as well and not just safety. Many people enjoy playing basketball on a trampoline, but trying to play with a traditional basketball hoop near a trampoline is very dangerous.

trampoline image

As a result, net enclosures have been able to provide a safe alternative for basketball players by being able to attach specifically designed basketball goal to the enclosure. So, which ones are the best on the market?

1. Jump Slammer, Trampoline Basketball Hoop

Made by Trampoline Pro, this is one of the best basketball hoops for trampolines because it is designed to be highly versatile. The hoop can attach to poles that are curved, straight, or on arch poles that are 1.5 inches wide or smaller. The materials that the basketball goal is made of has UV protection so that it will last through the hot summer days. The steel frame of the hoop is powder-coated to increase durability as well.

jump slammer trampoline basketball hoop image

To create a more realistic basketball experience, the rim of the hoop can breakaway for that one-of-a-kind slam dunk! It comes equipped with dual mounting brackets will offset the pole down low to prevent vertical displacement. The Jump Slammer comes with a foam ball that is safer to use than other types of inflatable basketballs. This basketball hoop costs around $70 USD.​

This basketball hoop is compatible with most trampolines with the exception of SpringFree trampoline models. This hoop also comes with an AirBall Prevention Net to make sure that the ball stays inside the trampoline during play.​

2. Double Basketball Hoop for 15' Trampolines

double basketball hoop for trampolines image

Made by Skywalker Trampolines for double the fun, this double basketball hoop is designed for the ultimate playing experience. Both hoops can breakaway for slam dunks and are made of a soft material. Rim assembly is simple as the structure is easily attached to the safety enclosure poles of a 15 feet round trampoline. The hoops can also be turned outward for people to use on solid ground. The purchase includes two foam basketballs as well. This trampoline accessory costs around $60 USD.

3. Jump 'N' Jam Trampoline Basketball Hoop

jump n jam trampoline basketball hoop image

Made by Propel Trampolines, this basketball hoop is designed to be able to fit onto the brands Kinetic and Propel Trampolines the best. The hoop’s rim is ten inches and also has a soft back spring which allows for jamming. The durable basketball backboard has rebound wings and has a lot of pliability. The backboard is also expandable for more coverage and stability.

The metal is coated with black powder for protection from the elements. This trampoline accessory comes with a ball and a ball pump as well, which is a great convenience. The hoop costs around $35 USD.​

4. Trampoline XL Mini Basketball Hoop Set Clamp On with Ball Choice

trampoline xl mini basketball hoop set

Made by VersaHoop, this hoop is 24 inches in width and 16 inches in height. The basketball backboard is hard and sturdy and can withstand long term play. The plastic rim can breakaway as well and is ten inches in diameter.

The purchase comes with two VersaBrackets clamps that attach to straight vertical and horizontal poles only. It comes in a wide variety of colors and an inflatable ball. Some colors choices include camo, red, blue, orange, and even flames. The hoop costs around $65 USD.

It attaches almost anywhere and is easy to transport. Simply snap off the rim and you are good to go. Instead of a small foam ball, smaller backboard, and a less sturdy hoop, you will be getting quality, durability, and longevity with this basketball hoop.​

5. 15-Feet Jump N' Dunk Trampoline with Safety Enclosure and Basketball Hoop

15 feet jump n' dunk trampoline

Made by Skywalker Trampolines, this hoop is for those consumers who do not already own a trampoline because the hoop comes attached to the safety enclosure of a 15 feet round trampoline. The trampoline is manufactured with reinforced t-brackets for greater stability and durability around the joints of the trampoline and the enclosures.

There are no gaps being created on the enclosure due to it attaching to the net and jump mat, then to each spring- making it safe. The jump mat is woven with UV protected material called polypropylene and will also prevent any slipping. The enclosure safety net is made from the same material. The upper portion of the safety enclosure net is reinforced with t-socket stabilizers to ensure that there will be no structural twisting. The entire steel frame is also made with rust-resistant steel and has six W shaped legs.​

The basketball goal on the enclosure net is made of soft material for safety. The hoop has a breakaway Velcro rim as well. The trampoline and hoop costs around $350 USD.​

Finding the Ideal Basketball Hoop for a Trampoline

While trampolines are typically just designed for jumping, they can now be redesigned for playing games like basketball safely. Some of the first hoops weren't designed well, and people found that the hoop would fall down into the enclosure during gameplay. To prevent this from happening, they had to rethink the overall design of the basketball hoop, so it was more compatible with the trampoline.​

The Design​

With the new design, the backboard of the basketball hoop is attached to one of the supporting poles, and the hoop and its netting are attached to the backboard. This makes the basketball hoop also sit a bit higher which discourages dunking. (Dunking isn't really something you should be doing with this kind of smaller basketball hoop anyway).​

Safety and Overall Construction​

Most of the basketball hoops and trampolines are sturdy and are manufactured with galvanized steel. The springs used between the frame and mat are also often comprised of galvanized steel as well. This type of steel helps prevent rust which is important because these trampolines and basketball hoops were designed to be outside.​

A mesh netting enclosure is also added to the trampoline, and this is often made of polyurethane. It is strong and non-abrasive, and the holes in the netting are wide enough so that kids' fingers won't be trapped. All of this goes a long way in making the trampoline and basketball hoop safer to use.​

Basketball Hoop and Backboard​

Each is designed differently. Some basketball hoops will have a harder backboard with a steel hoop while others are a tad bit flimsier and are made for smaller children to enjoy without getting hurt.​

Since it is being attached to the trampoline, you can't expect the entire basketball hoop set up as you would see on the court. The backboard is not going to be as wide, and other design elements may not be there.​

When choosing the basketball hoop, you want to make sure the backboard is still wide enough to keep the ball in play without having to constantly fetch it from the neighbor's yard.​


​To keep the basketball inside the trampoline, an enclosure netting is definitely recommended. Not only does it keep the basketball from wondering and bouncing out, it also adds to the overall safety of the trampoline.

​When choosing netting, make sure that there isn't too much of a gap between the netting and the jumping surface of the trampoline. Larger gaps are dangerous because legs and fingers can get caught and pinched. It should instead have a close fit to avoid injury.

Weight Capacity and Size​

​The average weight capacity for many trampolines is 250 pounds which makes it possible for more than one user to be on the trampoline at a time. It is typically recommended that only one person is on the trampoline at one time for safety reasons, but if you have a larger trampoline, you are allotted more space which makes having more than one person on the trampoline a bit safer.

​When choosing the size of your trampoline, make sure to assess the available space you have outdoors. You don't want to try to fit a larger trampoline into a smaller space. Doing so can increase the risk of injury.

​If you have limited space to work with and you want to ensure that everyone using the trampoline stays safe, then you should consider a smaller trampoline. You will have much more in the way of safety but will still be able to have some fun outdoors.

The Shape​

​Yes. Trampolines come in different shapes even though you may only be aware of the round ones. Some are now also rectangular in shape which proves to be more beneficial for a family - especially when you have the basketball hoop.


​Another question people have when getting a trampoline is if they should anchor it to the ground or not. Some people feel that anchoring the trampoline allows it to be much more durable and makes sure it stays put in the case of high wind. Others feel there is no need to anchor the trampoline due to its heavy weight.

​Attaching the Basketball Hoop

​Many hoops will screw directly into the poles which again, makes the hoop much more secure. Additionally, when the hoop is attached this way, it is also more flexible because you have the chance to decide where the hoop goes.

​Final Thoughts

​The above is just a small list of features and information to be aware of when choosing the best basketball hoop for a trampoline. No matter which trampoline you choose, you know it will provide you and your family with hours and hours of outdoor fun.