Alphabounce Basketball Slides

After a brutal, yet necessary workout, you need to let your feet breathe a little by unlacing your basketball shoes and taking off your socks. However, you can’t just walk around barefoot for safety and hygiene purposes. That is why you need an alternative pair of footwear in your kit bag or gym locker. Alphabounce Basketball Slides just so happen to be some of the best post-workout slides for every hardworking basketballer out there.

Here is a thorough review of the slides and why you should buy yourself a pair.

Why are Alphabounce Basketball Slides Important?

Slides in general are a wonderful addition to your post-workout gear. Not only do they let your feet breathe but if you find the right pair, you will get a comfortable pair of footwear that you can even wear to the bathroom and maybe even team picnics and such.

The main reason, however, is that slides such as Alphabounce Basketball Slides help your feet take a break from the abuse that you put them through every time you put on your basketball shoes and step on the court for a game or for practice.

Another important reason as to why you need these shoes is that they provide you with excellent protection when you need to use the gym shower after a game. You might not realize this but communal showers aren’t the most hygienic and since you can’t get in there with your basketball shoes, some players often opt to go in barefoot which is very ill-advised.

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The kind of bacteria that you will be exposing yourself to when you shower barefoot in a communal shower goes well beyond the obvious culprits such as athletes’ foot and fungal nail infections.

You could also contract different types of germs that could lead to the flu or even Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), a staph infection that tends to be resistant to commonly used antibiotics and can even lead to life threatening infections. All of these conditions, apart from causing a threat to your health in general, will work to keep you off the court even when you have an important game coming up. One of the best ways to protect yourself from these risks is to wear shower shoes or in your case, slides.

There is also the added threat of taking a stumble while in the shower. Public showers (and even private ones to a good degree) tend to have a thin film of slime if they aren’t washed properly.

Apart from that, the soap you use coupled with the running water makes your shower one of the most slippery places in your house or gym. Without the right kind of footwear that provides you with adequate grip, slipping and falling isn’t a very far-fetched scenario and who knows what kind of injuries these falls can cause.

What are the Advantages of Buying Alphabounce Basketball Slides?

It’s now very clear why you need to have a pair of Alphabounce Basketball Slides in your gym bag:

      • Excellent way to let your feet breathe after practice and a game
      • Good way to protect yourself in the gym shower

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Now let’s look at a few reasons why Alphabounce Basketball Slides in particular should be your first choice when it comes to basketball slides:

      • They are comfortable: Alphabounce Basketball Slides are designed with comfort in mind. These shoes have a soft foam lining that provides you with extra comfort as well as an EVA outsole that is well cushioned and lightweight. Furthermore, they have a power-transferring BOUNCE midsole which goes a long way in enhancing your swing stability as well as your walking comfort.
      • Water resistant: This pair of shoes is made out of synthetic material that not only looks good and provides you with utmost comfort but is also water resistant enough to make them a comfortable option for the shower.
      • Durability: Designed and produced by Adidas, the Alphabounce Basketball Slides are not only very well designed but they are also made for durability. Adidas has a long standing reputation for producing some of the best gear in the market and these shoes are no exception to that wonderful tradition.
      • Easy to care for: When you are focused on becoming a professional basketballer, you want to focus all your energy on your game as opposed to your gear. That is why you need gear that is not only effective and comfortable but also very easy to care for during use. These Alphabounce Basketball Slides are easy to wash and are water resistant enough to make them dry off quickly after use so you don’t have to carry around wet slides in your gym bag.

Alphabounce Basketball Slides Review

Truth be told, there are very many different options when it comes to basketball slides in the market today. However, the Alphabounce Basketball Slides by Adidas represent the best of the best with good reason.

Not only are these slides comfortable but they are also made out of durable material. They also feature Adidas’ BOUNCE technology which makes them super comfortable and ergonomic.

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Alphabounce Basketball Slides Features:

      • Made out of comfortable synthetic material
      • Has a durable synthetic single-bandage upper which provides extra comfort
      • Features power-transferring BOUNCE technology which gives the midsole a comfortable enhancement that allows for swing stability
      • Features EVA outsole for excellent lightweight cushioning


      • Very easy to clean
      • Extremely comfortable (has soft foam lining and power-transferring BOUNCE midsole)
      • Looks good on your feet


      • If you need a tighter fit, you would have to go a size down and a size up if you need a looser fit

Don’t let something as simple as showering in the gym bathroom give you an infection or cause an injury. With a pair of Alphabounce Basketball Slides you will be well protected from all these vices. Furthermore, you will have a pair of slides that are not only comfortable therefore allowing you to give your feet a much needed breather after practice or a game but you will also have a pair that looks good on you.