Best Basketball Socks: What Your Foot Needs

Your basketball shoes are designed to be partnered with socks. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and sored after a game. With this, the rest of this article outlines some of the best choices with regards to the best basketball socks, as well as a quick guide on how to choose the right pair.

Best Basketball Socks Reviews

Thorlo Men’s Basketball Over Calf Review

Best Basketball SocksIf you have problems with sweaty feet, there is no doubt that this is an option that is worth being taken into account. It is made from moisture-wicking materials that are known for being able to keep the feet dry, even after long hours. The extended heel pad is also worth noting, which is the one that is responsible for the provision of unmatched protection for the Achilles tendon.

What users liked:

  • Able to maintain dryness of the feet for a long time
  • Easy to wash

What users disliked:

  • Some have problems with how it did not reach above the calf

Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks Review

Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew SocksThis is a highly recommended option for basketball players with a sense of style, basically because of its attractive design and vibrant colors. In terms of being able to promote the comfort of the user, this is also an unrivaled option. One thing that proves such is the ergonomic cushioning. It is also known for its ability to control odor and moisture.

What users liked:

  • Anti-microbial properties that provide the highest level of protection to the feet
  • Attractive design

What users disliked:

  • Can be ripped easily
  • Looks like a fake version of Nike Elite

NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock Review

NBA Logoman Quarter Length SockThis sock is made from 58% acrylic, 32% cotton, and 10% nylon. An NBA logo is embedded on the side. This makes it an ideal choice for professional players or for the die-hard fans of the league. Its quality has also been frequently lauded by many people, noting that it can still prove to be highly functional after a long time of use, unlike in the case of other socks that deteriorate easily.

What users liked:

  • The embossed NBA logo makes you look more professional
  • Easy to wear
  • Provides highest level of comfort

What users disliked:

  • Low quality fabric

Adidas Team Speed Crew Sock Review

Adidas Team Speed Crew SockAmong other things, the Climalite technology is one of the best thing about this product. This is an innovative feature that makes sure that the feet will stay cool and dry, even during a prolonged intense game of basketball. The anatomic shape is also worth giving emphasis. This allows the foot to deliver natural movements, and hence, being able to ensure your comfort.

What users liked:

  • Exceptional cushioning in high-impact areas
  • Excellent fit

What users disliked:

  • Made from thin material
  • Can easily appear to be worn out

Nike Elite Crew Dri-Fit Basketball Sock Review

Nike Elite Men's Cushioned Crew Sock Dri-Fit BasketballIf you like popular brands, you will surely find delight with this product as it is made by Nike. It is made with Dri-Fit fabric that stays dry even when your feet are sweating. The sweat-wicking power is very good. It also offers foot strike cushioning that promotes comfort to the critical areas of the foot. This also proves to be very effective in the reduction of irritation on foot.

What users liked:

  • Excellent arch support that promotes stability and right fit
  • Fits perfectly
  • Thick and durable

What users disliked:

  • Overpriced

Some Tips in Choosing the Right Pair of Basketball Socks

  • Make sure that the size is right. Keep in mind that different brands can have different sizes. It will be useful to refer to their sizing chart, if such is provided, and see which one is perfect for your foot size.
  • The cushioning of the sock will prove to be vital. This makes it possible for some parts to be thick enough to provide the highest level of protection and comfort. This is especially important for intense ball games that are anticipated to last for hours.
  • It is also paramount to consider the fabric. The best choice would be those that are made from moisture-wicking fabric to make sure that your feet will remain dry. The fabric should be also thick enough to be durable.

Basketball socks will prevent any serious foot problem and discomfort. If the right pair of socks will be chosen, you can be assured of being able to demonstrate better basketball skills.