Six Best Adidas Basketball Shoes in 2020

Basketball has always been a game that attracts a great deal of flare and style. That has translated from the skills on the court to the gear that ballers wear. That, in turn, has translated into every baller being keen on the kind of shoes they wear on the court.

Big brands such as Adidas have realized this and are capitalizing by providing the market with a plethora of options. Unfortunately, that means that there is just way too many styles and colors to choose from and as such, finding the best Adidas basketball shoes is become more complicated.

The idea is to find a pair of basketball shoes that will not only make you look good on the court but that will also provide you with the necessary comfort as well as impact protection. It’s also important to find a pair of shoes that has great traction. While it’s difficult to find a pair that works well on both clean and dusty courts, some of the best options give you excellent traction on clean courts and “reasonable” traction on dusty ones. You just need to look for the sweet spot or buy a pair for indoor courts and one for outdoor courts.

This guide will help you sort through the myriad of alternatives out there by laying out six of the best Adidas basketball shoes in 2020.

The Best Adidas Basketball Shoes

The first thing you should know is that everything Adidas produces in terms of basketball shoes is geared towards better comfort and performance. Of course, some have better cushioning than others but every single shoe in this list has something working for it and, in turn, it will work for you.

1. Adidas Harden Vol. 4

The Adidas Harden Vol. 4 is a highly supportive, low profile basketball shoes that provides you with excellent comfort. Although it’s the first shoe in the James Harden signature line that doesn’t have boost cushioning, the shoe is still very comfortable and has great traction. In fact, thanks to the lack of boost cushioning, this shoe is lighter than most which means your game will be faster. You can choose between mesh uppers or Primeknit materials.

adidas harden vol 4 shoe image

      • It’s very light
      • It provides you with great all-around performance
      • It has light strike cushioning that is very comfortable

2. Adidas Crazy BYW X

The Adidas Crazy BYW X is a modern performance basketball shoe that performs well right out of the box. Although it tends to fray and pick up a bit of dust the longer you use it, it keeps the uncaged boost cushioning as part of the heel that makes it very soft and comfortable. Because the boost is completely caged, the forefoot is more responsive and much firmer. As part of the “Boost You Wear” line, this option is absolutely high-performing.

adidas crazy byw x image

      • It’s made out of premium materials
      • It has a wonderful fit for people with narrow feet
      • Has wonderful traction
      • More responsive and firmer forefoot

3. Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive

The Adidas Performance Crazy Explosive feels great on your feet. It actually feels like a sock and doesn’t restrict your movement at all. The shoe is designed with a torsional stability shank, a wide base and an internal heel counter all of which provides excellent foot containment to ensure that the shoes stay on your feet throughout the game. It has impressive traction and an even more admirable boost setup making them extremely comfortable.

adidas performance crazy explosive image

      • Provides you with excellent ankle support
      • It has responsive cushioning
      • Has wonderful impact protection
      • It gives a tight yet comfortable fit

4. Adidas Pro Bounce Low

The Adidas Pro Bounce Low has a traction pattern that gives you excellent bite on a clean court yet still works almost just as well on a dusty one. It features Adidas’ bounce cushioning system that gives you a wonderful balance between impact protection and responsiveness. Even though the upper material feels a bit cheap, it is rather sturdy and gives excellent support and containment.

adidas pro bounce low image

      • It has well-balanced bounce cushioning
      • Offers amazing traction
      • Excellent impact protection

5. Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation

The Adidas Performance Cloudfoam Ilation comes with a modern shoe design that has cloud foam cushioning and grainy leather upper. The outsole is molded foam, it has breathable lining fabric and the shoe is a lace-up. Adidas added an EVA foam midsole which combines very well with the rubber outsole for good traction and comfort.

adidas performance cloudfoam Ilation image

As suggested by the name, the shoe comes with Cloudfoam cushioning technology. This goes a long way to give you excellent impact protection and an all-round wonderful shoe for the money.

      • It has excellent traction
      • It features a classic stylish design
      • It has great construction which adds to its quality
      • It has wonderfully comfortable cushioning

6. Adidas Dame 5

The Adidas Dame 5 is perhaps the best shoe in Damian Lillard’s signature shoes. It’s certainly the latest and also the one with amazing traction as far as clean courts are concerned. While the shoe performs well in general, it tends to be a bit slippery when used on dusty courts. It has a full-length bounce cushioning which provides it with an excellent balance of impact protection as well as responsiveness.

adidas dame 5 image

While Adidas used excellent materials to make this shoe, the felt that is featured in the design tends to get dirty a little too easily and feels kind of cheap. Everything else is of extremely high quality and provides you with extreme comfort.

      • It’s very comfortable
      • It features highly responsive bounce cushioning
      • Made out of high quality material
      • Offers great impact protection

Adidas has so many more options but the ones provided here are very good and covers both indoor and outdoor court options. These shoes are also both low and high profile and provide you with amazing impact protection as well as comfort.

Honestly speaking, every single shoe on this list has earned it’s spot here because it is built with amazing quality. Now all you have to do is find one that appeals to your taste as well as price range.