Nike Kobe 8 System Review

Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM

When trying to look for basketball shoes, there are different considerations that are taken into account. For instance, some would put an emphasis in design, while there are some who would like to pay attention in performance. For the budget-conscious, price is an essential consideration. On the other hand, there are also some who choose based on what is being worn by their favorite basketball players. In a marketplace that is replete in terms of alternatives, one option that is sure to provide you with a high level of satisfaction is the Nike Kobe 8 System men’s basketball shoe.

Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM

Kobe 8 Features

  • One of the most defining features that one can find in this pair is known as the Lunarlon technology, which is the same innovation that is found in the previous versions of the shoe. This technological advancement is primarily the one that is responsible for making the shoe lightweight. The shoe weighs only less than 10 ounces.
  • Through being able to offer 360-degree breathability, there is also no doubt that this is an excellent choice when it comes to comfort. The upper part of the shoe is made from 90% mesh, which provides sufficient ventilation to keep your feet dry as you play. The tightly-woven design also adds up to making it more breathable than other shoes.
  • It is also important to highlight the presence of the Nike Zoom technology in this shoe. This allows the production of thin cushioning, which enhances the stability of the shoe and allows the foot to be brought closer to the ground. The same technology is also helpful in making the shoe both lightweight and durable.
  • This basketball shoe also comes with webbed rubber outsole. While it is not that thick, the outsole is promising in terms of making sure that the traction is exceptional. This is also the reason on why the shoe is very flexible, making it ideal for showing how you can move quickly when playing a game of hoops.
  • This shoe also features signature details, which are reflective of the craftsmanship and thoroughness of its design. These details make the shoe exude more attractiveness, making the wearer command a second look from other people.

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Kobe 8 Review

Nike Kobe 8 SYSTEM Performance Review

What People Liked

  • Excellent traction in different surfaces
  • Ability to bend naturally
  • Breathable and perfect fit

What People Disliked

  • Outsole is quite thin
  • Poor ankle support

 Who Should Buy

This is the default choice of basketball shoe for Kobe Bryant fans. However, even if you are not a fan, this shoe is still the perfect choice if you are looking for a model that is very light, which will allow you to move freely in the basketball court.

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Combing old and new technologies, this eight installment of Kobe Bryant’s shoes from Nike is another favorite in the marketplace. While it shows off a stunning design, it never fails to create an impressive mark with regards to performance. It is another offering from Nike that has once again proven its dominance within the product category.

Nike Kobe 8 System
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