Nike Air Jordan XX8 Review

Air Jordan XX8

When the elephant print has been first introduced in the Air Jordan 3, it became an instant hit. 25 years later, innovation has been taken on a higher ground with the introduction of the Nike Air Jordan XX8 Elephant Print Men’s Basketball Shoes. It has captured the attention of basketball lovers and shoe collectors not only because of its unique design, but also because of being replete in innovative features that make it a cut above all others that are found in the marketplace today.

Air Jordan XX8

Nike Air Jordan XX8 Features

  • The Nike Air technology is perhaps one of the most commendable features found in this model. The latter has been exclusively developed by the company, which makes use of the lightest cushioning materials that are available. This results into being unmatched in terms of comfort and allowing players to move with ease. This will make it a snap to show off your superstar moves.
  • It also has Dynamic Fit, which offers the benefit of making sure that the fit will be right all the time. The shoe is designed with straps and laces that can be loosened or tightened depending on which you will be most comfortable with. The design of the straps is also well-thought, providing you with the confidence that your movements will never be restricted.
  • Another feature that deserves to be given emphasis is the Flight Plate Technology. This technology is said to optimize every step that is made by the person wearing such. This results into being able to demonstrate greater athletic performance in every move.
  • The shoe also comes with fiber carbon heel. The lightness and strength of carbon fiber are two of the things that make it one of the most important materials in the most advanced athletic shoes. This significantly improves the structural integrity of the shoe, while also making sure that your comfort is given emphasis.
  • This pair is also ultra-responsive. When playing basketball, it is important to wear shoes like this as it can make sure of being able to respond to your every move, regardless of how quick you act.
  • The elephant print design is another defining feature of the shoe, making it command a second look from those who will see you wearing this pair.

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Nike Air Jordan XX8 Performance Video Review

Air Jordan XX8 (28) Performance Review

What People Liked

  • Attention-grabbing design
  • Exceptional durability, especially the sole
  • Excellent traction in different surfaces

What People Disliked

  • Expensive price tag

Who Should Buy

Obviously, this shoe should be bought by Jordan fans or those who like the Jordan collection of basketball shoes. This is also the ideal choice for people who like shoes that are not only good in terms of performance and playability, but also with regards to design.

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Gone were the days wherein basketball shoes have minimal and boring design. This model from Nike is one proof of such. It has innovated the way basketball shoes are designed. Fashion-forward basketball players will surely find delight in this well-designed shoe that is complemented with the best technology that is available.

Nike Air Jordan XX8
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