Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Review

Men's Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Basketball Shoes

When the Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 was first introduced in the market in 1989, it instantly became one of the most popular pair in the entire world. After all, it coincides with the time wherein Jordan was doing well in the NBA and many people would like to feel how it is to be like him, even just through the shoes that they are wearing. It features significant improvements from the previous versions of the shoe in order to address the changing demands of users, and more importantly, to keep up with the newer designs that have been released during that time.

Men's Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Basketball Shoes

Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Features

  • One thing that has been always commended among the features of this shoe is the exceptional side ankle support. This is made possible by the provision of straps that are strategically placed on the side of the shoe.
  • The upper part of the shoe is made from full-grain leather. This is believed by many to be the best kind of leather material that is available for shoes. Its leather premium construction makes it an unrivalled option when it comes to having an attractive appearance. Such kind of leather has also gained positive reputation because of the durability that it offers.
  • With the mesh upper, you will surely be able to find delight in the fact that it can offer superior level of satisfaction. The mesh part is the one that is responsible for making sure that sufficient amount of airflow comes in, and hence, being able to keep the feet dry. With dry feet, you can prevent odor and you can also move with ease and show off your superstar moves.
  • The air sole heel is another feature that is worth noting about this pair. This provides proper cushioning to the feet and the ability to minimize impact. The end result is that it makes the shoe more comfortable to wear, even during extended hours of playing basketball.
  • It also comes with forefoot flex grooves. This design feature makes sure that the foot will be able to flex properly when needed and can minimize foot pain. This is also useful when the shoe is worn when you are walking in uneven terrains, and not just while you are in the basketball court.

Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 Video Review and On Feet


What People Liked

  • Perfect and comfortable fit
  • Well-built and sturdy construction
  • Looks great even for casual wear

What People Disliked

  • Expensive price

Who Should Buy

  • Obviously, you should buy this shoe if you are a fan of Michael Jordan or if you maintain a collection of the Jordan line of shoes. It is also a good item to purchase for those people who are looking for shoes that offer excellent support on the ankle.
  • Even at this time, the Nike Air Jordan Retro 4 is still a sought-after model. Even with the release of new designs, its classic look is still being preferred by some fans. It sports a timeless design that is expected to be still one of the most iconic shoes ever released in the marketplace.