Lifetime 1269 52 Inch Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System Review

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System Review

For many of its buyers, the Lifetime 1269 Pro Court portable basketball system is one of the best choices within the product category. The rest of this review will let you know more why such is exactly the case. It might even convince you to settle with this model in spite of the abundance of the alternatives that can be possibly taken into consideration.

Lifetime 1269 Pro Court Portable Basketball System Review

Lifetime 1269 Features

  • Since this is a portable basketball system, there is no need for you to be worried about the tedious task mounting on the ground. There is no need to have it cemented, which means that lesser effort will be required in having it set up. To keep the board in a stable position, simply fill the base with 27 gallons of sand or water. This will surely prevent wobbling, especially during intense games.
  • This model is designed with 44-inch acrylic backboard. For those who are familiar with the materials that are used in backboard, acrylic is popular for being economical, yet being able to demonstrate decent quality. The backboard is also break-resistant, which can provide you with the confidence that it will be functional for many years.
  • One feature in which many people found delight about this model is the telescoping height adjustment. This will allow you to have its height set from 7.5 to 10 inches. The height can be modified in increments of 6 inches. Both taller and shorter players will surely find this basketball system a wise purchase.
  • The Lifetime Classic Rim that is integrated in this model has a sturdy metal construction. Nonetheless, many were not happy with the rim because it cannot be bent, unlike in the case of other hoops with breakaway rims. It also comes with an all-weather nylon net that can withstand external conditions, such as rain and snow.
  • The basketball system also comes with powder-coated finish, which makes it able to resist rusting. This is another feature that can attest to the earlier mentioned claims that it is one of the most durable choices that can be possibly taken into account.

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What People Liked

  • Easy to assemble once taken out of the box
  • It can be moved from one place to another in a snap
  • Fade-resistant graphics
  • Height can be modified with ease
  • Economical price

What People Disliked

  • Not ideal for dunking
  • Base is quite big

Who Should Buy It

Ideally, this is an option that will work best for people with limited space in the garage. If there is no car parked, you can easily setup the goal and have it removed easily when the parking space is going to be used. This is also a good product to buy by those who play basketball with their children since the height can be adjusted based on the requirements of the players.

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This portable basketball court can prove to be an economical addition to any household with members who love playing basketball in the backyard, either as a form of recreation or as a fitness activity.

Lifetime 1269
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