How to Dribble a Basketball: Easy and Effective Tips

Being a good dribbler equates into being a good ball handler, which is one of the most important things in a game of basketball. It is important not only to learn how to dribble, but also when or when not to dribble. For beginners, this might take a lot of practice. Like all basketball skills, however, this can be learned effectively through time. If you want to know how to dribble a basketball in a manner that is both easy and effective, this article will be a nice read.

How to Dribble a Basketball

How to Dribble a Basketball: The Basics

  • Your eyes should be up.

One common mistake that is often committed by beginners is looking at the ball while dribbling. While this might be good if you are playing alone, it will be a different case when playing with opponents. Your eyes should be glued on your teammates and those from the defense. If your eyes are stuck on the ball, possession can be easily gained by the players of the opposing team.

  • Use your fingers and not your palm.

Your fingers should have a solid grip of the ball that is dribbled. If you allow the palm to control dribbling, your grip will be weaker. See to it that your fingers will be able to feel the ball while keeping it firm.

  • The ball should bounce at the level of your waist.

This is one of the most important things that should be learned by beginners. If the ball is kept bouncing at waist-level, you will be able to demonstrate better control and ease of movement. Once you have mastered this trick, you can start learning how to dribble low and at an angled position while making sure that the ball will be kept at your position.

  • Versatility is important.

Most beginners start by learning how to dribble with the use of one hand. While this can be good, you should eventually increase the difficulty and work on learning how to switch from the left to right hand while you are dribbling. Also, you should learn how to do it in between your legs. This will make you more creative and skillful, and hence being ahead in terms of how your opponents might think. Remember however, that dribbling with the use of two hands at a time will create a double dribble violation.

  • Run while you dribble.

In an actual game of basketball, you will create a violation of traveling if you fail to dribble the ball as you take three or more steps. This means that you should practice dribbling not only in a stationary position, but also when you are running. This is one of the trickiest parts to master as you will need to learn coordination between your hands and legs, and also make sure that your eyes are in control.

  • Shifting your body’s momentum.

The weight and momentum of your body should not remain stable. It should change as you move and dribble. The direction of the momentum should be to where the ball is headed, which will also provide you with the power that is needed to have the ball handled and controlled.

  • Take control of the ball.

Control is a critical thing in basketball, especially when you are dribbling. You should dribble with sufficient force to keep the ball at the right height. However, with too much force, the ball can bounce in different directions and other players might find it easy to snatch the ball from your possession.

Basic Techniques to Master

  • Basic Dribbling:

As mentioned above, you should use your fingertips and wrist to apply pressure to the ball and not your palms. The lower arm to the elbow part should pump the ball to dribble and your shoulders should never move. When you move your shoulders as you dribble the ball, you will lose control of the ball.

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  • Speed Dribbling:

In this kind of dribble, you have to lean your body forward, just like your position when you are running. You should push the ball ahead of you and not on the side of your body. In this kind of dribbling, it should be higher or at least at the level of your waist. You should also remember to maintain the right speed, depending on how the ball is moving. This will make sure that you will never lose touch of the ball as movements are made.

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  • Between the Legs Dribbling:

It is important to learn this dribbling move as you will find it useful when you are tightly guarded. One of the most important things to remember is to dribble low, making sure that it will be able to pass through the legs smoothly. See to it as well that the ball is pushed with enough force to let it pass and be transferred to the other hand.

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  • Crossover Dribbling:

Simply put, this technique is all about transferring the ball from one hand to another as you move. Speed and height are two of the most critical things that you should be mindful about. Do this as quickly as possible while making sure that the ball is kept at a low position. See to it that your legs and hand will be able to respond quickly to the direction of the ball.

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You need to practice your skills in dribbling if you want to know how to be better in playing hoops. Your body needs to respond quickly and must be able to cope up with the speed of the ball. Through the things that have been mentioned above, it is expected that you have gained ideas that can prove to be useful in mastering how to dribble a basketball. In due time, you will soon learn the tricks and show others how you can shake the court through your playful moves.