Best Custom Basketball Uniform Companies

If you take a look at all the professional NBA teams, you will notice that they all have one thing in common. No, it’s not the fact that they have excellent ballers who are very well paid nor the fact that they all want to be champions – we just don’t know what ambitions a team has when they close the doors to their locker room. What we do know is that they all have good looking custom basketball uniforms!

Every professional team has a custom team uniform for their players to were during games. There are very good reasons for this:

      • A customized team uniform is a good way to motivate every player and make them feel special and part of a unit
      • It’s a good identifier and a differentiator from everyone else you will be competing against
      • It shows everyone watching that you are a professional unit

So where can you get good custom basketball team uniforms? The truth is that there are a lot of companies that can help design and produce these uniforms for you. The problem is that many of them take the design process out of your hands. Yes, they will ask for your input but in the long run, they will go with their understanding of what you want.

There is, however, one way to make sure that you get exactly the kind of uniform you need – use a company that has a website where you can design your own uniform. Here are some of the best custom basketball uniform companies that you can use to make your team stand out.

Team Sportswear

team sportswear image

This is one of the most trusted custom uniform companies in the market today. The thing about Team Sportswear is that they offer you an opportunity to customize more than just your basketball jerseys. You can customize jackets, t-shirts, sweatshirts and so on. The process is very simple through their online portal where you can upload your team’s logo and filter by type of apparel, color and what kind of product you want. Once you place your order, there is a small wait period for your delivery to occur (2 weeks local and 3 weeks international). This is the company you want to go to if you are creating custom basketball uniforms for your college team, amateur league and even little leagues.

The Graphic Edge

The Graphic Edge does much more than just print out customized basketball uniforms. They go as far as embroidery which is something that many custom basketball uniform companies don’t do because it calls for extra work and care. Using this company will not only help you stand out in terms of style but team jerseys and attire that feature embroidery send out a statement of intent. It tells people that you are not scared of spending on your team uniform and therefore mean business when it comes to your game as well.

the graphic edge image

The only problem here is that they don’t have an online builder like the other options on this list. That, however, is not that big of a problem since all you have to do is email them your logo and details and they will send you back customized design options from which you can pick and choose.


This is yet another reliable and sort-after player in the custom uniforms industry. With good reason. CustomInk has curved out a wonderful reputation for themselves over the years. Not only are they known for on-demand production of customized uniforms and merchandize, but they also have a wonderful customer service department that goes above and beyond to make sure that you are satisfied with their products and services.

customink image

One of the main reasons why this custom basketball uniform company is so popular is because they produce topnotch produces and offer excellent printing quality. Plus, their website is rather straightforward and easy to use. They even have different templates that you can utilize in your design process.

First Ever Custom

First Ever Custom seeks to make your life as easy as possible with their quick and responsive customizing platform. The process takes only four steps: select the kind of uniform you want (they have several design templates from which you can choose); customizing the chosen design (you can go as crazy as possible with their online design platform); Create a team name and even add specific player names and numbers; place your order.

first ever custom image

Once you place the order, it will be shipped out to you in 5-10 days. The selling point here isn’t that it’s an easy process even though that helps a lot. It’s the fact that every single one of your customized basketball uniforms will be manufactured at pro quality which gives you excellent value for money.

Wooter Apparel

Now this is a platform that tries to give you everything under one roof. Wooter Apparel is not only a basketball uniform customizing platform but also a platform where you can get many other facilities for your team such as a team app. When it comes to uniform customization, they are simply outstanding.

wooter apparel image

Not only does the platform give you a variety of templates from which to base your design but it also allows you to customizing every single inch of the uniform any which way you want. The company is keen on making sure that their customers are satisfied and as such, have created a robust customer service team that is very responsive and helpful. Your orders should be ready and delivered to you within three weeks.

A team that works hard for the love of the game should definitely look the part and having a custom basketball uniform goes a long way in ensuring that they do. One of the best things about many of the companies listed here is that they allow you to customize much more than just the team jersey or uniform. Which means that you can go all out and customize all of your team’s gear including balls and even kit bags.