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Top 10 Basketball Jackets of 2017 for Men & Women

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Basketball players rely on their gear as well as their uniform to enable the best game possible that they can physically play. Every ball player, from a Chicago Bull's schoolyard amateur fan to seasoned NBA all-stars, depend on attire or team merchandise that will assist their efforts and allow their body to act without restrictive resistance. Apart from the necessities, ball players need to look slick and carry an air of confidence on the court. So, when it's time to ball and you need an extra layer, the best basketball players utilize a basketball jacket. The best basketball jackets of 2017 (ranked below) will get you to the court in style and through the game without being soaked in sweat and allow you to show off in style.

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Like most sports, basketball attire has transformed throughout the history of the game, paralleled by the mainstream progression of basketball as an officially recognized sport. Before the 1900s, basketball uniforms did not exist outside of general athletic attire. Once the game came into the mainstream and became a more popular sport, basketball teams and players began to market specific athletic fashion brands, through the use of specially designed uniforms, which became the standard styles of basketball uniforms.

The standard basketball uniform includes a basketball jersey, shorts, sneakers, and a basketball jacket over the top. The player’s basketball jersey and basketball jacket will commonly feature the name and player number displayed on the front and back of the two uniform pieces. Usually, teams which are playing on their home court wear light colored uniforms, while the visiting team wears dark colored uniforms. Teams will often have two uniforms: One for away games, and one for home games.

Basketball Jackets

Just about every professional athlete uses a top layer to their uniform in the form of a jacket. Swimmers use big, puffy coats, boxers use robes, and basketball players use flexible jackets. Basketball jackets are slightly different than some other athletic over layers because they are meant to be played in. Like some other outdoor athletic activities which can be played in the cold, basketball is a high aerobic activity, which causes one's body to rise in temperature and increase one's heart rate. The result is perspiration. Working up a sweat in cold weather is dangerous for one's health. Imagine jumping into a frozen lake in the middle of winter. Any moisture, which cannot evaporate away from one's body, will get very cold and act to lower one's body temperature to dangerously low levels. For this reason, the materials used and the design of the best basketball jackets, assist a player's game through specifically manufactured and athletically beneficial features.

  • Mobility

Basketball requires a high level of flexibility on the part of the ball players. Cold weather can cause one’s muscles to get tight and cramp up as the body tries to warm itself. Being rigid on the court is a sure way to get the medal for “least valuable player.” By warming one's core, the extremities are able to stay limber and physically ready for activity.

Most of the top basketball jackets for 2017 are made from a synthetic material, polyester, or a blend. The benefit of these materials is the breath ability, elemental resistance, and mobility of the fabric. A good test for determining the best basketball jacket’s mobility and fit is to zip up the jacket while wearing it and lift your arm above your head with your hand pointing to the sky. The bottom of the jacket should not go above your waist line. When your outer layer gets in the way of your game, making you immobile on the court, the entire team suffers.

  • How Does it Feel?

There is no substitute for intuition. The uniform attire that an individual athlete chooses to use depends greatly on one's own playing style. A jacket should not only function well, but it also should feel comfortable. Test out articles of clothing of differing fabric materials. Nylon will conform to the body differently than silk and polyester will feel different on one's skin than that of elastane. If you are someone who does not like athletic clothing which fits skin tight, look for a basketball jacket with a standard fit, opposed to an athletic fit.

  • It Should be Breathable

One of the key beneficial features of any active wear is that of breath ability. When your body sweats during physical activities, the layers that you wear will determine whether the moisture can evaporate out of your clothing or if it will soak into your uniform like a sponge. The lack of a breathable outer layer will result in moisture becoming trapped in your inner shirt or jersey. When this happens, you may become fatigued more easily, due to extra weight and the chilling effect of your body temperature lowering. The best basketball jackets are made from with breathable materials and design, which often incorporate ventilation features in the armpits.

  • Weather Resistance

Wind-resistant materials can be very beneficial when playing basketball outdoors; however, without a layer for ventilation underneath, weather-treated material can act like an oven. Waterproofing is a process of treating a material with a synthetic spray, which coats the article in a protective barrier to the elements. Moisture will not be absorbed into the fabric and will often resist penetration from the outside air. Weather resistance can be very useful, but be sure that it has been integrated into a design which already accounts for breath ability. For layers on top, basketball jackets are made to provide minor insulation with a maximum amount of breath ability and moderate weather resistance.

Top 5 Basketball Jackets for Women of 2017:

Top 5 Basketball Jackets for Men of 2017:

Best Reversible Basketball Jerseys for Men

So the old ones are the good ones, right? Well, maybe. However, nowadays, the research and development that is put into the many diverse industries, which create the items with which we use on a daily basis, can often supersede the innovations of the past. The sports industry and sport apparel is one of the largest industries affected by the subtle changes in manufacturing design efficiency techniques. For example, basketball jerseys of the past do not measure up to the structural design and synthetic material integration of the best reversible basketball jerseys on the market, which we see offered today.

If you want to play like a champion in a professional-looking basketball team, you have to prepare like a champion. This means using high quality equipment and training techniques that are available to you. If you are the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant, then you have to prove it on the court. You must defeat your opponent with skill, acuity, and capability. An athlete's acuity is something that can only be expounded upon from diligence in study, and focus, in one's own practice. Skill is a compilation of one’s practitioner experience in a specified focus, art, or craft. Capability is the compilation of the former and the willingness to invest oneself in the accruement of industry quality tools at an affordable price, for which to use in the practice of one's craft.

The Importance of Material and Fabric

Whether you are playing youth basketball or an NBA player, custom basketball uniforms or team gear can make all the difference to your confidence. Basketball uniforms include high quality basketball shorts, vests, socks, sneakers and, of course, that all-important basketball jersey. Looking good is an important element of your gear, but only in terms of your confidence factor. The mind is more powerful than matter; however, that is only when considering that all other factors are created equal in one's qualification. The tools, gear, gadgets, and other physical instruments, which one uses for their practice, make all of the difference between a professional and a legend. For basketball players, the quality of one's gear will affect how well they perform against an opponent of equal athletic ability. In activities and sports, which involve physically high exertion, the fabrics and materials that make up one's uniform, are essential elements of an athlete's potential ability during a competitive situation.

  • Cotton
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If you are engaging in a high-output, cardiovascular activity like basketball, cotton is not the material to use in your uniform. Cotton and fleece are insulators. When engaging in any activity, which will produce enough effort to make one's body to sweat, it is important to use a material that will wick moisture away from one's body. The lack of a moisture wicking effect in the material of one's attire will tend to cause undue physical stressors for the athlete. The heavy weight of insulator fabrics like cotton and fleece will overheat the user and can contribute to overheating and hypothermia when used in high physical exertion.

    • Polyester
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One of the most common fabrics used for athletic wear, is the synthetic material, polyester. Polyester is constructed out of a polymer resin and is used to make textile fabrics. Plant fibers are considerably less resistant to wind, water, and natural substances than that of synthetic materials such as polyester.

  • Polypropylene

The context of use for polypropylene primarily resides in industrial uses. Polypropylene is a non-woven, thermoplastic polymer material and is stretched from a single material mass. Though polypropylene can melt in the presence of abnormally high temperatures, it remains extremely stable in the majority of terrestrial environments and in the contact of flames. This material is a common fabric for inexpensive product manufacturers. This is because of the tendency for polypropylene to absorb the scent of body odors retained from sweat that is exerted in physical activity. However, it provides a very efficient hybrid weave for the use of thermal layering.

  • Nylon
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An inexpensive and versatile fabric, nylon is strong, resembling the properties of silk. After World War II, Southeast Asia suffered a silk shortage, which led to the innovation of the manufactured material of nylon. It is naturally tear-resistant, heat-resistant, and resistant to the wind. Nylon is commonly used in parachutes, clothing, and other user products.

  • Elastane

Elastane is an elastic material, made from polyurethane. Elastane is the main ingredient for the manufacturing of elastic, which is incorporated into many articles of active wear.

  • Spandex

Stretching, up to five times its original length, spandex is a staple in active wear clothing and skin tight garments available on the market for sportswear and lingerie. Spandex has an enormous amount of elasticity, giving it great strength. Spandex has the benefit of returning to its original shape after it has been stretched in the course of normal use and dries quite quickly after it has been saturated by the moisture of perspiration.

Specific Teams or Custom Jerseys

Notre Dame Fighting Irish CUSTOM or Blank Back Reversible Basketball Jersey

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Basketball is no stranger to Notre Dame University, in South Bend, Indiana. Fighting Irish Basketball Jerseys will run your bill up quite a bit if you wait to get your Notre Dame Jersey at the game. However, there is always a better way. The Notre Dame Fighting Irish CUSTOM (Name/#) or Blank Back Reversible Basketball Jersey NCAA Officially Licensed Youth & Adult Tank Top, from Augusta Sportswear, offers the NCAA official licensed uniform reversible basketball tank top with the official Notre Dame title on the front and back. Customers can choose from specific names and number combinations of existing ball players at Notre Dame or can option a custom-made jersey. Custom-made Notre Dame Jerseys are specifically customizable by the customer or can be manufactured as a blank back and front—except for the Notre Dame logo.

The Notre Dame Fighting Irish custom or Blank Back Reversible Basketball Jersey, by Augusta Sportswear, is made from a two-layered, moisture wicking material. It’s 100% polyester material construct is a perfect material for moving moisture away from one's body.

Many designers, merchants, and manufacturers of sports jerseys offer differing features in their respectively offered active wear. Product features can vary based on usage, materials, and cost. Below, is a list of some of the best reviewed reversible basketball jerseys for men in 2017:​

Custom-Designed Jerseys.

Youth Group

Other Individual Reversible Jerseys

The dedication to any particular practice is a decision of priority. When the time comes to prioritizing an individual pursuit, focus, or goal, it is important to invest in the right gear and equipment. By investing your time in the pursuit of a great goal, you indenture yourself to the necessity of great things. The best men's reversible basketball jerseys on the market are made of the finest materials available.

Feel free to visit the product links, attachments, or to leave comments and questions.

Basketball Arm Sleeve: Benefits of a Basketball Arm Sleeve

Basketball has been around since 1891, when Dr. James Naismith invented the game for a group of young athletes during the winter months. Even with the incredible advances in modern medicine and technology, over a century later there is no way for athletes to avoid pain and injuries. Often, basketball players wear arm sleeves to help reduce the risk of injury or aid in recovery process. The players are not wrong in doing so; there are many benefits to wearing a basketball arm sleeve that make it a crucial part of an athlete's game.

In order to know which type of arm sleeve is most beneficial, the injury should be properly diagnosed by a licensed physician and never assumed. There is a variety of possible injuries that can plague a basketball player, all the symptoms, of which, can be cured or reduced with the aid of an arm sleeve.

Basketball Arm Sleeve

Types of Common Elbow Injuries

  • Elbow Bursitis: This occurs when the bursa (a fluid filled sac that reduces friction and irritation by acting as a cushion) becomes inflamed and irritated. The bursa is situated between the skin, bones, muscles, and tendons. Bursitis is caused by consistent use of a joint, or by falling on the joint with great force.
  • Elbow Tendinitis: Sometimes, tendinitis is referred to as Tennis Elbow, but of course that does not restrict tendinitis to occurring only in people who play tennis. Tendinitis in a basketball player can be caused by continual dribbling of the ball, passing the ball to another player, or shooting the ball into the hoop. All of these actions involve the tendons (tissue that connects the muscles to the bones) being in a repetitive motion. This can cause the tendons to become overused, which can lead to minor tears in the tendons. Swelling and pain are the main symptoms of tendinitis.                                       There are two types of tendinitis that occur in the elbow: lateral epicondylitis and medial epicondylitis. Lateral epicondylitis is the medical term for Tennis Elbow and is when the pain and swelling is on the outer part of the elbow joint. Medial epicondylitis is the medical term for Golfer’s Elbow (less commonly used name alternative to Tennis Elbow) and is when the pain and swelling occurs on the inner part of the elbow joint.
  • Dislocation of the Elbow: Dislocating the elbow takes a large amount of force and is an unfortunate normality in contact sports, such as basketball. It is usually known immediately upon impact if a player has dislocated their elbow. Besides intense pain, signs of a dislocated elbow include: a cracking sensation in the elbow, immediate swelling, unable to move the elbow and hand, numbness in fingers and hand, or the arm/elbow is noticeably out of shape.                                                                                         A dislocated elbow is classified as a third degree ligament sprain, which is defined at the rupture of one or more ligaments in the elbow. Dislocations are a serious issue because if it can jeopardize the nerves and blood vessels, due to the bone being out of place.
  • Elbow Sprain: An elbow sprain occurs when at least one ligament has been torn or pulled. Ligaments connect the bones together and to form the joints. This can happen while falling to the ground, twisting it, or being hit hard on the elbow by someone or the ball. Sprains cause pain whenever the elbow (or other part of body is sprained) are moved with limited mobility. Other symptoms include a warm sensation, bruising, swelling, and redness.

Elbow Injuries-Topic Overview Video

Benefits of a Basketball Arm Sleeve

  • Improves Blood Flow: A basketball arm sleeve is designed to be able to cause enough pressure to make the blood vessels open. This helps more oxygenated blood go to the affected muscle or muscles which will reduce the soreness associated with the injury. An added bonus is that this will also reduce your heart rate. This is ideal for dislocations and sprains.
  • Reduces Swelling: With the compression of the arm sleeve allowing for better circulation, it also pulls away any fluid buildup around the injured muscle or joint. By reducing the fluid in the affected area, the amount of swelling being experienced will lessen or even go away altogether. Swelling is not good for any type of injury and it is important that it is addressed as soon as possible.
  • Prevents Muscles from Tightening: Compression arm sleeves help keep the muscles warm which helps keep the muscles relaxed. This helps reduce the risk of a pulled/torn muscle or tendon.
  • Keeps You Cool and Dry: Some compression arm sleeves are made with a material that wicks moisture away. This is a great bonus because it keeps the area warm and comfortable. The heat can also aid in reducing swelling.
  • Stabilizes Joint and Muscles: The firmness of the arm sleeve can keep any muscles and joints that are susceptible to being overused. This can help reduce the risk of elbow tendinitis.
  • Protects from Cuts and Scrapes: With an extra layer of protection, there is no worrying about reopening a previous abrasion. This will reduce the risk of an infection and keep the player’s mind in the game and not on a cut.
  • Can Help Improve Form: Wearing a basketball arm sleeve can help keep the elbow straight while shooting. Due to the compression of the sleeve, it is providing a lot of support and can correct form. This will help increase shots made.
  • Great for Preventing Injuries in the First Place and Speeding Up Recovery Time: Many injuries can be prevented or at least be less severe with the aid of an arm sleeve. This is due to a combination of many of the other benefits, such as improving form, stabilizing the joint and muscles, and keeping swelling down.
Basketball Arm Sleeve

Depending on the type of injury and the severity of it, one of the best benefits of a basketball arm sleeve is that it can speed up the projected recovery time. When swelling is kept to a minimum, the blood is being circulated well, and the damaged muscles are receiving enough oxygen, there’s a great chance for an injury to heal much faster than anticipated.

Best Basketball Knee Braces: Top 10 Reviews

Best Basketball Knee Braces

Basketball is a fast paced, exciting sport. The downside to basketball is that it is a sport where injuries are common. It is important to take preventive measures to avoid such injuries in the first place, but even then it is possible to get hurt. The best basketball knee braces will help lessen the severity of the damage if an injury does occur. They will help speed up the recovery process, and they can be worn while playing basketball or being active in general, without being a nuisance.

McDavid 6446 HEX Padded Compression Long Sleeve by McDavid

First on the list, this padded compression sleeve is one of the best basketball knee braces. The brace is elongated for more coverage and to fit better. Further, this also means that it will help avoid any cuts are scrapes that can occur during activity. The material is 80% nylon and 20% spandex, and also keeps away moisture. The compression sleeve comes in an assortment of colors as well.

McDavid 6446 HEX Padded Compression Leg Sleeve

Kunto Fitness Knee Brace Compression Support Sleeve by Kunto Fitness

Second, is the Kunto Fitness Knee Brace. This product is equipped with four-way stretch capability that allows for no restrictions in mobility and ultimate comfort. The material is lightweight and breathable, meaning that the skin will be kept cool and dry. Moreover, the compression support sleeve will not slip and will stay in place during activity.

Kunto Fitness Knee Brace

Neoprene Open Patella Knee Brace Support by Compressions

Third on the list is the Neoprene Open patella knee brace. This knee brace comes equipped with spring side stays that will provide stability and give lateral support to the knee. Further, the brace is adjustable with Velcro fastenings to change the tension provided. Also, there’s no need to worry about the brace slipping because there are silicon anti-slip strips built into the brace. Overall, this is a great knee brace. 

Neoprene Open Patella Knee Brace Support

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support by Ultra Flex Athletics

Next, is the Ultra Flex Athletic Knee Brace. This is another one of the best basketball knee braces on the market. It is made from a nylon/Lycra blend with silicon grip gel lining the inside of the brace so that it stays in place. Further, the sleeve helps aid in muscular recovery with a heating effect as well.

Ultra Flex Athletics Knee Compression Sleeve Support

Blitzu Power and Knee Compression Sleeves Support by Blitzu

Next, the Blitzu Power and knee Compression Sleeve is also a great option. This is the choice for those with a latex allergy, because it is 100% latex free. Further, it wicks moisture away and has a warming effect, helping with pain and swelling. Moreover, the compression sleeve is equipped with double anti-slip silicone elastic to ensure that the sleeve does not slip and that activity will not be impacted negatively by a knee brace that will not stay in place.

Blitzu Power and Knee Compression Sleeves Support

Copper Knee Brace by CopperJoint

Next is the Copper Knee Brace. This brace from CopperJoint helps with blood circulation, as well as the airflow of oxygen being carried to the muscles. The brace can be worn throughout the day and even throughout the night without being an annoyance. Further,  not only is it made of moisture wicking fabric, the knee brace also eliminates any potential odors.

Copper Knee Brace

Knee Brace Support Protector by EXOUS

Next, is the The EXOUS brace. It's support protector has an opening over the patella for better mobility and less discomfort. Further, the sides are reinforced with double stabilizers for extra support for the tendons and ligaments. The Lycra material will not cause a rash and is designed to not be itchy. Moreover, the Velcro used to secure the straps is durable and strong, ensuring that it will stay in place.

Knee Brace Support Protector

Crescendo Athletics Knee Protection Sleeve Brace

Next on the list is the Crescendo Athletic Knee Brace. This awesome brace is made out of a durable neoprene material that provides excellent support. Further, it is 100% latex free and is thin enough that it can be worn underneath clothing with ease. Overall, this is one of the best basketball knee braces on the market if you value comfort. 

Crescendo Athletics Knee Protection Sleeve Brace

Knee Pain Relief and Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap Brace

Now, this is not a regular type of brace. The knee strap brace is designed to go over the patella tendon which is directly below the knee. Further, this brace helps alleviate pain and restrict unnecessary movement of the tendon while being active.

Knee Pain Relief and Patella Stabilizer Knee Strap Brace

Knee Brace Support by Winzone

Last, but certainly not least, is the this brace by Winzone. It is open above the patella and is made from neoprene. Both sides of the brace are reinforced with durable stabilizers so that the brace stays in place and offers the best protection. 

Knee Brace Support

Video Describing How to Support a Painful Knee

In conclusion, It is important to get a correct diagnosis on any injury by your doctor. In this way, you can find a brace that will fit your specific needs exactly. From here, your knee will heal properly and any long-term damage can be avoided.

Play Like a Pro with the Best Basketball Shorts

If you are currently looking for the best basketball shorts, you are lucky to have found this article. By the time that you are finished reading, you can easily decide which one will provide the best bang for the buck.

Top 5 Best Basketball Shorts Reviews

DRYV Baller Basketball Shorts

best basketball shortsHave you ever heard of a basketball short that also doubles as a towel? This product is the perfect example of such. It can be used by players to keep their hands dry, which is basically because it is made from a unique fabric that can be able to keep the hand dry when needed. The moisture wicking fabric that is used in this product allows the players to be as comfortable as possible as it manages sweat.

What users liked:

  • Made from lightweight fabric
  • Deep pockets for storage

What users disliked:

  • Expensive

Russell Athletic Men’s Basketball Inspired Short

Russell Athletic Men's Basketball-Inspired ShortThis short is made from 100% Trilobal mesh that is known not only for being durable, but also for being durable. The short also comes with an internal draw cord, which means that it will be easy for you to ensure the proper fit. It can be tightened or loosened, depending on the size of your waist.

What users liked:

  • Lightweight, making it easy for you to move while playing
  • Adjustable draw cord on the waist

What users disliked:

  • Inseam is a bit short
  • Easily unthreads

Nike Dri-Fit Elite 2.0- Best Nike Basketball Shorts

Nike Men's Dri-Fit Elite 2.0 Basketball ShortsBrand conscious basketball players will surely find delight with this option. Among other things, the stay-cool technology is one of the most commendable about this product. Even if it is worn for an extended period and in a hot weather, you can be assured that you will stay cool and comfortable. You will also feel dry, even if you already sweat too much from an intense game of hoops.

What users liked:

  • Elastic waist with draw cord that makes it easy to adjust based on waist size
  • There are side pockets

What users disliked:

  • Expensive price tag

Under Armour Men’s UA EZ Mon-Knee Printed Basketball Shorts

Under Armour Men's UA EZ Mon-Knee Printed Basketball ShortsEven with basketball shorts, you can be able to demonstrate a sense of fashion. This is exactly the case with this product. Aside from the fashionable design, it is also made from textured fabric that looks really nice. It also incorporates mesh panels on the side for superior ventilation. It is one of the most breathable choices available in the marketplace today.

What users liked:

  • Attractive printed design
  • Moisture Transport System that manages body sweat

What users disliked:

  • Can appear to be short for taller players

Jordan Men’s Nike Air Bright Lights Basketball Shorts

Jordan Men's Nike Air Jordan Bright Lights Basketball ShortsIf you like Jordan or Nike, this short will surely show your admiration for them. It is made with the use of Dri-FIT fabric that is known for the ability to wick away moisture, and hence, staying dry. When it comes to its design, it is also commendable because it allows the delivery of better mobility.

What users liked:

  • Excellent ventilation because of all-over mesh construction
  • The screen print adds style

What users disliked:

  • Printed design is too large
  • Quite shorter than other Jordan shorts

What to Look for in Basketball Shorts

  • Fabric: Polyester is the most popular amongst the fabrics that are used for basketball shorts. You will have an endless selection, but it is not that durable. If you want shorts that can withstand long-term use, settle with one made from cotton, which is also very comfortable, especially when playing on a hot weather.
  • Size: For sure, you would not like to play wearing basketball shorts that are too tight or too loose. Make sure that you choose one that is appropriate for your waist size. Pay attention to proper length as well.
  • Price: This is important if you are budget-conscious. The ones made by more popular brands can prove to be the most expensive.


By now, you might have a clearer perspective on the different things that should be given careful thought before you finally decide to buy new basketball shorts. Also, you might have also gained insights on some of the possible choices that can be taken into account. These recommendations are based on a cumulative analysis of reviews published about the product, and are inconclusive. It is the belief of the author that the good words expressed by its users are more than enough to convince you that they are amongst the best you will ever find.

Best Basketball Socks: What Your Foot Needs

Your basketball shoes are designed to be partnered with socks. Otherwise, you will feel uncomfortable and sored after a game. With this, the rest of this article outlines some of the best choices with regards to the best basketball socks, as well as a quick guide on how to choose the right pair.

Best Basketball Socks Reviews

Thorlo Men’s Basketball Over Calf Review

Best Basketball SocksIf you have problems with sweaty feet, there is no doubt that this is an option that is worth being taken into account. It is made from moisture-wicking materials that are known for being able to keep the feet dry, even after long hours. The extended heel pad is also worth noting, which is the one that is responsible for the provision of unmatched protection for the Achilles tendon.

What users liked:

  • Able to maintain dryness of the feet for a long time
  • Easy to wash

What users disliked:

  • Some have problems with how it did not reach above the calf

Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew Socks Review

Baseline 2.0 Athletic Crew SocksThis is a highly recommended option for basketball players with a sense of style, basically because of its attractive design and vibrant colors. In terms of being able to promote the comfort of the user, this is also an unrivaled option. One thing that proves such is the ergonomic cushioning. It is also known for its ability to control odor and moisture.

What users liked:

  • Anti-microbial properties that provide the highest level of protection to the feet
  • Attractive design

What users disliked:

  • Can be ripped easily
  • Looks like a fake version of Nike Elite

NBA Logoman Quarter Length Sock Review

NBA Logoman Quarter Length SockThis sock is made from 58% acrylic, 32% cotton, and 10% nylon. An NBA logo is embedded on the side. This makes it an ideal choice for professional players or for the die-hard fans of the league. Its quality has also been frequently lauded by many people, noting that it can still prove to be highly functional after a long time of use, unlike in the case of other socks that deteriorate easily.

What users liked:

  • The embossed NBA logo makes you look more professional
  • Easy to wear
  • Provides highest level of comfort

What users disliked:

  • Low quality fabric

Adidas Team Speed Crew Sock Review

Adidas Team Speed Crew SockAmong other things, the Climalite technology is one of the best thing about this product. This is an innovative feature that makes sure that the feet will stay cool and dry, even during a prolonged intense game of basketball. The anatomic shape is also worth giving emphasis. This allows the foot to deliver natural movements, and hence, being able to ensure your comfort.

What users liked:

  • Exceptional cushioning in high-impact areas
  • Excellent fit

What users disliked:

  • Made from thin material
  • Can easily appear to be worn out

Nike Elite Crew Dri-Fit Basketball Sock Review

Nike Elite Men's Cushioned Crew Sock Dri-Fit BasketballIf you like popular brands, you will surely find delight with this product as it is made by Nike. It is made with Dri-Fit fabric that stays dry even when your feet are sweating. The sweat-wicking power is very good. It also offers foot strike cushioning that promotes comfort to the critical areas of the foot. This also proves to be very effective in the reduction of irritation on foot.

What users liked:

  • Excellent arch support that promotes stability and right fit
  • Fits perfectly
  • Thick and durable

What users disliked:

  • Overpriced

Some Tips in Choosing the Right Pair of Basketball Socks

  • Make sure that the size is right. Keep in mind that different brands can have different sizes. It will be useful to refer to their sizing chart, if such is provided, and see which one is perfect for your foot size.
  • The cushioning of the sock will prove to be vital. This makes it possible for some parts to be thick enough to provide the highest level of protection and comfort. This is especially important for intense ball games that are anticipated to last for hours.
  • It is also paramount to consider the fabric. The best choice would be those that are made from moisture-wicking fabric to make sure that your feet will remain dry. The fabric should be also thick enough to be durable.

Basketball socks will prevent any serious foot problem and discomfort. If the right pair of socks will be chosen, you can be assured of being able to demonstrate better basketball skills.