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Best BasketballBasketball is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. Every boy dreams to be in the NBA. Some people outgrow that dream while some find themselves pursuing that path. In that desire, the first thing they go shopping for is the best basketball that they can use for practice and to improve their shooting skills.  Here is a list of our favorite basketballs that you should definitely consider buying.

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Top Rated Basketball Comparison Chart for 2016

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Top Rated Basketball Reviews for 2016

Wilson Evolution Game Ball – Best Indoor Basketball

Wilson Evolution Game Ball BasketballThis is the highest selling high school basketball. Players in the NCAA also use this all the time. There are lots of basketballs sold just like this but this particular one is the best for indoor courts such as wooden floors. It’s a generally great basketball. It has a good and soft grip because it is made of microfiber composite leather cover with composite laid channels that you can clearly see if you look close up on the ball.

The patented aqua grip laid in channels makes the grip on this ball even better. This ball is made of patented cushion core technology that combines low density sponge rubber and ultra-durable butyl rubber. The weight is perfect at 1. 4 pounds and it is available in 2 sizes: 29 ½” for official and 28 ½ for intermediate. Our first best basketball choice is worth every penny.

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Spalding NBA Street – Best Outdoor Basketball

Spalding NBA Street BasketballThe Spalding NBA Street Basketball is tailored for outdoors. And the things you need to consider most when buying an outdoor basketball is the balance, durability and grip. Spalding is known to rank high for those key indicators. The grim is nice and firm because of the deep channels embedded on the ball, the pebbled finish of the ball makes it very great in the hard court no matter what the material of the floor is and the bounce is great as well.

The main material used for the Spalding NBA Street Basketball is an ultra-durable, performance rubber cover. And we cannot just ignore the fact that the NBA logo is outlined in gold on the ball – that adds the style you want in the street indeed. This is one long lasting ball that you should really invest in if you love playing outdoor basketball.

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Spalding NBA Zi/O EXCEL – Best Indoor/Outdoor Basketball

Spalding NBA Zi/O EXCEL Indoor/Outdoor Composite BasketballIf you are looking for the best basketball for indoor and outdoor gaming, your go to product is the Spalding NBA Zi/O EXCEL. It is made of composite leather and just like other Spalding basketballs; it is also uses a deep channel design for better dribble control. You can easily handle the ball in any court because of the foam backing under the full ball pebbling design.

This is the perfect ball to practice with if you want to improve your lay ups and dunks. It can last for up to 5 years without any wear or tear so you can be sure that it’s worth every penny even if it costs more than other basketballs out there. You’d find it very nice to handle in the court as well because of it bounces really high.

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InfoMotion Sports 94Fifty – Best Smart Sensor Basketball for Improving Skills

InfoMotion Sports 94Fifty Smart Sensor BasketballFor those of you ballers out there who deeply look into the science of a basketball when deciding which one to buy, the InfoMotion Sports 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball should be on top of your list. If you are new to the basketball scene, you need to know that playing this game requires consistent precision. A perfect shot is not composed of the skill alone. The perfect shot comes from the right amount of arc, backspin and the perfect timing of quick release. But this kind of science is pretty difficult to attain if you don’t have a smart ball. And the InfoMotion Sports 94Fifty Smart Sensor Basketball is the top choice of Basketball Coaches because it helps do just that.

Every shot you do, you get the feedback you need and the suggested adjustments on how to improve it. The 94fifty app serves as your personal digital coach and is surprisingly fast. It’s about 100 millisecond speed from the actual shot to giving results to visual display. It will display everything you need – force, spin, acceleration, you name it, the app shows it.

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How to Find the Best Basketball for You?

When you are new to the game, it seems like every basketball is just the same. But if you base it on our list above, every basketball is actually different from one another – the material used, weight, size, the foaming on the inside, the purpose, the grip and so on and so forth. The list just goes on and on when it comes to basketballs. To help you out, here is a guide to buying the best basketball that is perfect for you.

  • Age

There are many sizes of basketballs from those that can be used by kids to those that can be used officially in the NBA. The age of the player is very important when it comes to deciding what basketball to buy. The most widely bought size is size 5 and 7. Size 7 is a full size ball that is used for adolescent to professional basketball. If the player is a child below 12 years old, then he is better off with size 5. For female basketball players, size 6 is the preferable basketball.

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As mentioned above, there are basketballs for the indoor court while there are those for the outdoor court. There are also basketballs that are cleverly designed for both indoor and outdoor courts. If you take a basketball for outdoors and one for indoors, you will be able to feel that the outdoor basketball is a bit more rough or heavy while the indoor basketball is a lighter and softer or smoother. The reason behind this is because the outdoor basketball needs to be more durable given the wear and tear it could get from outdoor courts.

  • Materials

Historically speaking, basketballs used to be made out of pure leather. While leather is a great basketball material, manufacturers slowly started to use composite materials because people were starting to play basketball a little bit rougher than usual. But more importantly, the material plays a big role when it comes to ball handling. You don’t want your hands to become painful especially when you dribble a lot. There are also instances when players have slippery and sweaty hands that the basketball slips. Though there is no perfect material made for these conditions, what you could do is to buy power grip gels that you could apply before playing.

  • Pricing

Basically, there are really cheap basketballs and there are really expensive ones. Children who are just starting to spark their interest in basketball don’t have the money to buy the best basketball yet. But, they can go for cheaper ones made by trusted companies like Spalding. They can even go for replicas if they can find one that fits their budget. Honestly, you can get a small sized basketball for less than 10 dollars if you really search profusely. If you’re planning to go pro and you want to invest on the best basketball to improve your skills, then smart basketballs are for you. They cost somewhere from 100 to 300 dollars but are totally worth every penny because of its structured way of recording your every shot.

See The Top Rated Basketballs on Sale Now!

Your Turn

And there you go! We hope we helped a lot in your search for the best basketball. There are other basketballs out there but the ones listed on this page are the cream of the crop.

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