How To Spin A Basketball On Your Finger

It’s one of those tricks that looks way easier than it really is, right? People seem to be able to do it so carelessly that you grab a basketball and give it a try for yourself. Only the idea that you had in your head doesn’t play out and you drop the ball. Then you think, ah, maybe next time, and you give it another shot. But, it fails again. So, how on earth do you spin a basketball on your finger? Well, give this article a read and you might just be able to accomplish this small yet oddly satisfying goal.

Before You Get Started​

So, we have established that spinning a basketball on your finger is much harder than it looks. But, before we get into the nitty-gritty details on how to do it properly, there are a few things to know beforehand.​

1. Old Ball New Tricks​

old basketball

If you have been attempting to spin a basketball on your finger with a brand new basketball, then put it on the floor and push it away. You won’t be needing that now. Surprisingly, for some, using an old basketball is much easier for finger spinning purposes. In new basketballs, the grips and grooves are much more defined which actually makes it harder to spin. Older or used basketballs are more worn down which enables it to stay in place which is important because, let's be honest, the tip of your finger is hardly a large surface area to work with.​

2. Give Us A Stretch​

Yes, we are being 100 percent serious here. Even a move like spinning a basketball on your finger could cause an injury to your fingers and if you do happen to be a ballplayer, you cannot get a finger injury, like ever. You need those fingers in tip-top condition so give them a stretch before spinning. You don’t need to go into a full-blown warm-up routine. Just spend a few minutes doing some simple stretches. Simple things, like extending and retracting your arms and fingers or locking your hands together and pushing out, will do.​

3. Trim Those Nails​

nail clipper

It seems pretty obvious, right? That’s because it is! You really won’t get very far if you have a long fingernail (or fingernails if you’re planning on spinning from one finger to the other). Giving your nails a trim will again help the ball stay on your finger. If your nail is long, then spinning a basketball on your finger could easily rip the nail off. It's not just a case of losing a fingernail here. it’s more of an injury thing. In case it’s never happened to you before, losing a nail hurts, a lot. Remember what we said earlier? Ballplayers' fingers need to be kept in tip-top shape.​

Tossing The Ball​

Ok, now we are getting to the fun part. The first thing you need to master is tossing the ball. It’s a simple and small toss but it is what gives the basketball the momentum it needs to spin for a while. To make this a little easier we have put together a few steps.​

1. Find Those Grooves​

basketball grooves

Every basketball has grooves, even older and more worn basketballs. Look at the grooves closely and find the spot where they meet. If you follow the grooves with your finger, you will come across a spot where the top of your finger fits in rather nicely. This is the point in which your finger needs to be when spinning the ball. If you try spinning a basketball on your finger without using the grooves, you might be able to get it up for a few seconds but it won’t be long before the ball falls. The grooves give you more control.​

2. Two Hands Before One​

Spinning a basketball on your finger involves tossing the ball. This can be done with one hand or two. For people just learning this trick, it’s probably easier to use two hands at first as you can guide the ball better. Once you have mastered the trick by tossing the ball with two hands, you can practice using just one hand and flicking it up with the wrist.​

3. Ball Placement​

When spinning a basketball, the placement of your arm is quite important. You want the ball to be in line with your face. Do this by holding your arm out in front of you with a relaxed elbow. That way you will have a good visual on the ball.​

4. Hand Placement​

Before you start the toss, you need to have your hands in the right place. The dominant hand, which will be the one that you spin the basketball on, should be at the bottom of the ball. The other hand should be on the side of the ball. For the hand at the bottom of the ball (the dominant hand) make sure that the fingertips are pointing towards you. This helps you toss the ball easier.​

5. The Toss​

basketball toss

Finally, it’s time for the toss. Using the fingers and wrist of your dominant hand twist your hand at a 180-degree angle, leading with the pinky finger. You might find it easier to also use the thumb on your other hand as well. Remember that the motions need to be done at the same time. Before you move on to the next step just practice that toss for a while until it becomes familiar.​

Spinning The Ball​

This is where the magic happens. To get the ball in the right position on your finger, you will need to guide the ball with your fingertips. Just be sure that you don’t apply too much pressure otherwise you will kill the ball’s spin.​

1. Don’t Toss Too High​

Tossing the ball too high is where a lot of people go wrong. It needs to be controlled and light but the basketball does need a good amount of momentum.​

2. Finger Catch​

basketball fingers catch

You know the placement, you know the toss, you understand the height that the ball needs to be. Now, you need to catch the ball on your finger. Keeping your dominant hand close to the ball makes catching it a lot easier.​

3. Spinning The Ball​

As soon as the ball has been tossed, it begins to lose momentum. So, you need to catch it on your finger as soon as you can and then give it more force by lightly pushing it with the other hand. The finger that you are spinning the ball on needs to move with the ball. If you try and keep it in one position then the ball could fall off. If the ball veers to the right then follow it with your finger. Remember not to push the ball too hard, light and gentle taps will be enough to keep it going.​

The most important thing when learning to spin a basketball on your finger is practice. It probably won’t be an instant thing and it will most likely require a lot of patience but, don’t worry, you got this. Before you know it you will be spinning the ball in your sleep​


How To Play Defense In Basketball

In the early stages of basketball training, a lot of attention is spent on shooting techniques as well as passing, scoring, physical strength, and fitness. But, like most sports, being able to play several different positions gives you an advantage. Basketball is a very fast-paced sport and defensive playing requires focus, strength, and sharp thinking. You could have a team full of top-notch offensive players and a great shooter or two but if you are lacking defensive skills, you won’t get very far in games. In this post, we outlined our top tips for playing defense so that you can get the upper hand.

Defensive Stance

Because everything moves so fast in basketball, you need to get ready. The ball could come your way at any moment and, if it ends up in your opponent’s hands, you need to be ready for a quick direction change to retrieve the ball or at the very least distract them from making their next pass. When watching basketball, you probably notice that every player seem to stand a certain way when they are playing defense. The defensive position looks something like this:

  • Feet Apart

Their stance is slightly wider than the width of their shoulders.

basketball feet apart

  • Knees Bent

Their weight is on the balls of their feet with their knees bent. This makes it easier to change direction rapidly while maintaining their balance. Because the knees are already bent, they can jump in the air instantly if they need to.

  • Back Is Relatively Straight

A defender’s back should be straight, but not to the point that they are straining to hold a defensive position. Just straighter than it would be if they were relaxed.

  • Hands Raised

Most of the time, a basketball player in defense has their hands raised but relaxed. This is so they are ready to intercept the ball or if they need to jump to try and prevent a shot or pass.

basketball knees bent

This is the basic stance of a basketball player playing defense. Now, coaches may have their own preference as to what stance they want players to use but it’s not usually too different than the description above.


Playing defense is not easy. It’s a matter of prediction and being as ready as you can be in case the game moves in a different direction. Here are a few tips for defending the ball:

  • Defense After A Shot

Try not to get caught up in the moment. As soon as a shot has been made by your team, its time to get ready.

  • Under Pressure

Don’t give it to them easily. No opposition player should be left with the ball with no one marking them. If this does happen, run over and put on the pressure. That way, they will either try and move or make a pass.

basketball step back shooting

  • Body Angles

Take note of where the player you are marking is located. If they are towards the side of the court, angle your body, making them move closer to the sideline.

  • Focus

You may be tempted to look them in the eye, but it is best to focus on their waist. Looking a player in the face makes it easy for them to fake a move. It is extremely hard for them to fake a move with their waist.

  • Staying Low

The whole time that you are defending the ball you should remain in a low position. It makes it easier for you to switch positions, change directions, or jump.

basketball focus


It might sound crazy but having a team that communicates on the court gives your defense the upper hand. You can only focus on your area and won’t always be able to see the rest of the court. That means you won’t necessarily know when other players are approaching you. Communication on the court can take a while to master but, when you have it, it makes all the difference.

Defending The Dribble

One of the harder points of defense is defending the dribble. It can be way too tempting to just reach for the ball but you need to remember that the other player is in control. Wait until they make a mistake or until they lose control. It’s good to try and force them to the nearest sideline. That way, they will be limited in space and will need to pass the ball. There is a greater chance of them making a mistake or losing control when they feel trapped. Flicking the ball away is possible only if the dribbler is trying to move past you or if they are bouncing the ball loosely. You mustn’t hit the handler’s hand because then you will be charged with a foul.

Off-Ball Defense

Defending a player on a corner three-point shot is one of the harder defense positions. You will likely need to move out quickly to block a passing lane but, if you stay out too long, you leave the other player open for the ball in a prime position. Always make sure to return as soon as possible. Off-ball defense means never standing still. The basketball is moving continuously and so should you be. Remain in your defensive stance but stick with the player that you are covering.

Strength Building And Defensive Drills

To improve your performance in a defensive position, there are a number of things that you can do aside from just practicing defense drills. Improving your strength helps in all areas of basketball, including defense. Squats can be done as part of your training to strengthen your stance and a range of ladder drill and jump rope workouts can improve your footwork. Planks and sit-ups are a simple and easy way to improve core strength which comes in very handy when playing in defense.

Defense is definitely not the easiest position to play and it requires a lot of focus. Each team that you play against has different strategies and studying their play won’t guarantee you a win. Things change and teams like to have the element of surprise. It really is a case of preparing for all scenarios.

Top 7 Boys Basketball Sneakers You Can Buy Right Now

Boys will be boys and if you have a young lad in your household then you’re probably familiar with the different hobbies and sports that they want to do each week. So, when they ask if they can take up basketball, where do you even start? Well, it’s best to start with their shoes. To help get you on the right track here is our pick of top seven boys basketball sneakers you can buy right now.

Adidas Kids Hoops Mid 2.0 Basketball Shoe

adidas kids hoops mid 2.0 basketball shoe

The Adidas Kids Hoops Mid 2.0 Basketball Shoe is both practical and stylish. These sneakers can easily double as a basketball shoe and a daily use sneaker. They have a fairly thick rubber sole that provides great cushioning. The shoes are made from synthetic materials and, though there aren’t any mesh materials for breathability, there are the standard breath holes at the toe of the shoe for ventilation. Because they have a higher rise, there is sufficient cushioning and support for the ankle. Not only does this provide comfort but it also helps prevent injury.

  • EVA midsole adds lightweight cushioning
  • 100 percent synthetic
  • Rubber sole
  • Features the OrthoLite Float sockliner

Under Armour Boys Grade School Torch Mid Basketball Shoe

under armour boys grade school torch mid basketball shoe

This particular shoe concentrates more on performance than looks, but, if we are being honest, it does look pretty slick. The Under Armour Boys Grade School Torch Mid Basketball Shoes has a mesh upper which enables zonal breathing. An air-mesh design is used for the tongue for further ventilation. The webbed-style lacing system is secure and adjustable. On the sole of the shoes, there is a herringbone traction pattern, one of the best types of traction patterns you can get for basketball shoes. One of the most appealing features of these shoes is the anatomical flex grooves found in the forefoot which enables the flexibility of natural foot movement.

  • Die-cut EVA sockliner
  • Full-length Micro G foam midsole
  • Rubber outsoles
  • Herringbone traction

AND1 Kids BWYLIN Basketball Sneaker

and1 kids bwylin basketball sneaker

AND1 are a very good and affordable basketball sneaker brand. So, if you are on a budget but still need to find good-quality shoes, AND1 has something for you. Again, the AND1 Kids BWYLIN Basketball Sneaker are great shoes for both basketball and everyday use and, for the price, you really can’t go wrong. The upper exterior of the shoe is made with a mesh material that is knitted for strength and breathability. For the midsole, we have EVA foam for cushioning and impact absorption. They are a mid-rise so there is a good level of ankle support in these shoes, too, and the ghillie lacing style adjusts to seamlessly secure the foot.

  • Highly breathable
  • EVA foam midsole
  • Mid-rise for ankle support
  • Knitted mesh upper

Adidas Kids Marquee Boost

adidas kids marquee boost

Heading toward the higher end of the market now with the Adidas Kids Marquee Boost Basketball Sneakers. Adidas produce the most basketball gear out of any other sports brand so its safe to say they know what they’re doing. These sneakers have a very stylish camouflage print border as well as the all-important mesh upper exterior. For fit, we have the OrthoLite sock liner that’s both secure and comfortable. As the name suggests, these shoes have the boost cushioning which is Adidas’s most responsive cushioning ever. The soles are made from rubber and feature the herringbone traction pattern as well.

  • Molded ankle collar
  • Cushioned heel
  • Responsive midsole
  • Herringbone traction pattern

Reebok Kids Bb4500 Hi 2 Basketball Shoe

reebok kids bb4500 hi 2 basketball shoe

Reebok is considered one of the original sporting brands and is still going strong today. The Reebok Kids Bb4500 Hi 2 Basketball Shoe doubles as an all-day shoe. They’re weather-resistant so they are slightly heavier and thicker than other basketball shoes. The midsole is also EVA cushioned and the exterior is made of faux leather material. It’s an ideal shoe for basketball sessions down at the park with friends or to wear throughout the day. If your kids end up loving basketball and want to continue training, you may want to invest in a slightly more breathable shoe in the future.

  • Rubber outsole
  • EVA midsole for lightweight cushioning
  • Made from long-lasting and durable materials

WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes High-Top Sneakers

wetike kids basketball shoes high top sneakers

Highly rated and highly affordable are the WETIKE Kid’s Basketball Shoes High-Top Sneakers. The materials for this shoe have moisture-wicking properties that work to keep the feet dry and enable them to breathe. The insole features a honeycomb design with a shock absorber while the outer sole has air cushioning designed to be light-weight and non-slip. There’s also a secure lacing system these as well as a strap design to ensure that the shoe is as secure as possible. The strap wraps around the ankle, making it secure and preventing injuries. Another unique feature of this shoe is the antibacterial deodorant lining. It keeps feet fresh while preventing athletes’ foot and bad smells.

  • Air cushion technology
  • Flying woven mesh upper
  • Moisture-wicking properties
  • Breathable
  • Antibacterial deodorant lining

Domirica Boys Athletic Shoes

domirica boys athletic shoes

These Domirica Boys Athletic Shoes have a simple design ideal for the younger kids or those who are just getting started playing basketball. They have a lower fit so they aren’t mid-tops or high-tops. That said, they are a highly breathable shoe due to the mesh knit upper. The lower ankle remains protected and secure as the rubber sole travels up toward the lacing section with an anti-collision design for effective toe protection. On the outsole, there is an anti-slip wave traction pattern that is also extremely light-weight and flexible. This enables full control and movement without any restrictions.

  • Skid-resistance
  • Rubber sole
  • Breathable
  • Lightweight

When looking for boy’s basketball shoes, you find a huge selection both online and in stores. Parents or guardians who have experience with basketball might know exactly what their child needs but if you’re completely new to the sport, hopefully, this article has helped you gain some knowledge.

Best Basketball Shots – Tips You Can Try

In basketball, there are many types of shooting techniques. It is a very hard skill to master and, even then, you can have off days. But, shooting is a vital part of the game so you need to train as hard as you can to become as good as you can. With that said we have put together some of our best tips to help you improve your shooting skills.

Improve Your Shooting Techniques

Professionals make it look so easy, but when it comes to shooting, there are a lot of things to think about at the same time. Below are some basic tips on shooting.

knees bent during shot

  • Start Small

Before taking a shot, you should have a pretty small stance, as in, keep your knees bent. By doing, this you gain more power for your shot.

  • Tips On The Ball

As tempting as it may be at the beginning, don’t use your palm to control the ball when taking a shot. For the most effective mechanics, it should only really be your fingertips that are touching the ball.

  • Flick Of The Wrist

You’ve probably heard it a thousand times before but flicking the wrist really makes all the difference to your shots. When watching pro basketball players, you will notice that every shot they take involves a strong flick of the wrist.

  • Peak Shot = Straight Elbow

When you reach the peak of your shot your elbow should be straight. In fact, because of the force that you are using, it is actually more of a snapping motion. It’s quick, it’s sharp, and it needs to be straight.

The Follow Through

tips on basketball

One of the biggest errors for people learning to shoot is not following through properly. It’s quite a strange position to be in but your arms should be straight with your fingers dangling down. The best way to describe how your fingers should be is that they are relaxed and not tensed.

Shooting Drills

As you probably already know, basketball coaches love a good drill, and for good reason. They are a fantastic way to improve skills. Here are some of our favorite basketball shooting drills.

  • Form Shooting

A really simple basketball shooting drill is a form shooting drill. This type of drill can be switched up however you like. Most of the time, form shooting drills are done by taking 3 or 4 shots on the right-hand side of the basket and then moving towards the center and taking another 3 or 4 shots. Afterward, move to the left and repeat the 3 or 4 shots. Once you have done this, you could try stepping back a few feet before repeating the process or you could stay where you are and repeat the shots again.

  • Step Back Shooting

Another simple shooting drill is where you stand just in front of the basket and take a shot. Once you make the shot, take a step back and take another shot. Continue doing this until you start to lose control of your shots. This drill helps you develop your shots from further away.

flicking the wrist

  • Star Shooting Drill

For this drill, you need to imagine or mark out the shape of a star on the court. In total, each point will represent 5 shots. Then, run to one point, shoot, then run to the next and shoot again. Repeat this process for a few minutes and record the number of shots you make or simply complete the star a few times.

Record Your Progress

The best way to keep an eye on your progress is to record it. There are several ways you can do this, whether its to keep a written record of how many baskets you make from a certain position or to video record yourself so that you can review the footage later. Whichever option you go for, always ensure that you aren’t just shooting from the same position every time. It’s much better to practice from all sorts of angles as you never know what might happen during play. The video option is especially effective for jump shots so you can see if your technique needs a little work.

Study The Big Dogs

If you want to play like the big dogs, you need to study the big dogs. Watch as many different players as you can to see how they prepare for a shot and how they execute it. You’ll notice that almost every player has their own techniques. That doesn’t necessarily mean that you have to copy them, but you will pick up on some similarities in their shots. You can then use these observations to improve your own methods and approach.

basketball peak shot

Increase Your Speed

Once you are making headway with your shots and technique, you need to work on speed. In a basketball game, you won’t necessarily be able to take your time with each shot. So, you will probably need to make a quick shot before you are left needing to pass. When first practicing your shooting skills, don’t stress about the speed factor. The most important thing is to work on your wrist flick and technique. When you feel comfortable with that, then work on your speed. For drills, working on speed will be much easier if you have a rebound partner who can retrieve the basketball for you and pass it back to you.

Practice Makes Perfect

We can’t stress enough how important it is to practice. Don’t get us wrong, there will be days when you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere and everything seems to be going wrong. You won’t make every shot every time but you have to have the patience to persevere. Eventually, you will see improvement and shooting will become second nature to you.

There are so many ways that you can improve your shooting technique to improve your technique across the board. If you are already part of a team, speak with your coach and listen to their advice. It’s harder for you to know what you need to improve on as you can’t always see what you are doing.

The Best Basketball Training Equipment That Will Help You Up Your Game

We probably don’t need to tell you that basketball is an extremely competitive sport. It’s incredibly fast-paced and involves a lot of practice. So, if you want to become a great player, a legend, even, you need to train harder and longer than everyone else. In this post, we talk about basketball training equipment to help you up your game, work hard, become great, and stand above the rest.

Why Do You Need Basketball Training Equipment?

First of all, basketball training equipment isn’t a necessity, but it does provide a more in-depth training regime. It also helps to keep basketball drills interesting and fun. Above all, basketball training equipment is a great way to practice your abilities without having a partner by your side. This is arguably the reason why training equipment can help you improve your game. If all your teammates are busy and they don’t have time to train, grab your kit, set it up, and practice by yourself. Without equipment, it can become way too easy to not practice until you have friends or teammates available to practice with you.

Can Children Use Basketball Training Equipment

children playing basketball

One hundred percent. In fact, children would see huge benefits from using basketball training equipment. Most of the training equipment available online can be adjusted in height and width, making it great for both adults and children. If children can master their weaknesses at a young age, there’s no saying how far they could go.

Best Basketball Training Equipment

There are thousands of different types of basketball training equipment on the market. To make it a little easier for you, we have chosen our favorite items for this article and written a little description as to what they are used for.

Raise Your Game RYG Agility Training Set

raise your game ryg agility training set

Agility is a very important factor in basketball so you must work work on your agility as much as possible. In the Raise Your Game RYG Agility Training Set, you get five hurdles, eight cones, an agility ladder, three latex resistance minibands, and a jump rope. This kit contains everything you need to improve your agility tenfold. It is ideal for individual use or for the whole team. With this set, you will never be short on basketball drill options.

  • Comes with a bag to hold the kit
  • High-quality equipment
  • Includes an agility ladder, jump rope, three mini resistance bands, five hurdles, and eight cones
  • Can be used for a multitude of agility drills

AKA Basketball Dribble Trainer

aka basketball dribble trainer

Another very important part of basketball is dribbling. This skill can be very tricky to master and can often be the one that takes the longest to learn, mostly due to not having a partner when training. The AKA Basketball Dribble Trainer is the perfect solution to training on your own and allows you to practice dribble skills to your heart’s content. It’s portable, durable, and very easy to setup. On the dribble trainer, three flexible arms that are deemed unbreakable. They can be adjusted by both height and angle so that you can practice dribbling in all scenarios. Its small base can be filled with water or sand to help it stay stable while you train.

  • Improves handling skills and dribbling skills
  • Water or sand-filled base for stability
  • Includes three flexible and adjustable arms
  • Portable

INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer

innstar vertical jump trainer

Many skills need to be developed to become a great basketball player. The INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer can help to strengthen legs and muscles while improving your jump technique. Jumping inaccurately can cause a multitude of injuries, some of which can have a lasting impact on your body. You must learn to jump and land effectively. The waistband on the jump trainer can be adjusted from 27.5 inches to 38.5 inches but there is also a kit available in an XL size where the waistband can be adjusted to 44 inches. The set works by attaching the waistband and two smaller bands around your ankles. Because they are connected, it creates a slight resistance which will help to strengthen. This kit can be used during several exercises for basketball and other sports.

  • Shock absorber EVA
  • Easy to remove
  • Improve jumping and strength
  • Highly comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Anti-snap sleeves

Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Basketball

spalding tf trainer weighted basketball

Although a weighted basketball can’t be used during a game, they are very effective at improving strength and performance. The Spalding TF-Trainer Weight Basketball is the official basketball size and weighs 3 pounds. Using a weighted basketball for training exercises helps improve passing strength as well as dribbling techniques. Using it to practice shooting should help a player to extend their shooting range.

  • Official size
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Improve strength
  • Widens a player’s shooting range

GoSports Basketball Xtraman Dummy Defender

gosports basketball xtraman dummy defender

Practicing your shooting skills from different positions is one thing but being able to shoot while having a defender in your face is something completely different. The best way to practice a contested shot is to have real defenders around, but that isn’t always possible. The GoSports Basketball Xtraman Dummy Defender is a great alternative to the real thing. It was designed with the help of professional basketball coaches and players to help create an object that would truly help to improve a player’s contested shooting abilities and dribbling skills. It helps a player to remain in control and allows them to practice many game-like scenarios.

  • Improve shooting and dribbling
  • Dummy’s arms adjust from 2ft to 5ft tall
  • Helps to stimulate a real player on the court
  • Portable

We chose these items because they each bring something new to the table. Each one serves a different purpose. While these kits benefit you in many areas, they each present alternative training exercises to mix it up.

How To Find The Best Garage Mounted Basketball Hoops Online

Garage mounted basketball hoops are by far the most common household basketball hoops. Still, there are good ones and bad ones on the market. Even if you don’t have enough room for a decent half-sized basketball court at home, that doesn’t mean that you want a low-quality garage mounted basketball hoop. So, in a bid to save you money, time, and energy, we put together this article to help you find the best garage mounted basketball hoop online.

Types of Basketball Hoops

Even though this article is focused on garage mounted basketball hoops, it is important to be aware of the types of basketball hoops that are available. Before you decide which basketball hoop to get, you first need to decide where it is going. Clearly, you want to use an area with a decent amount of space. If you are planning to put the hoop indoors, then you need to make sure that there is enough height. Here are some of the different types of basketball hoops you can buy:

  • Portable

portable basketball hoop

These basketball hoops can be pretty expensive but also very good. They are free-standing so there is no need to fix them in place. They usually have a base that can be filled with either sand or water to weigh them down and prevent tipping. The base also has wheels so you can move the basketball hoop wherever you like. A good quality basketball hoop should also have height adjustment options.

  • In-Ground Basketball Hoops

in ground basketball hoop

In-ground basketball hoops are pretty self-explanatory. They don’t have a base and are generally secured using cement. They are extremely durable but aren’t at all portable. If you have the space for an in-ground basketball hoop, just make sure that you position it correctly.

  • Mounted Basketball Hoops

mounted basketball hoop

Mounted basketball hoops are the most common. The hoop can be on its own or attached to a backboard that is then screwed into an exterior wall. Most of the mounted basketball hoops that you come across won’t have height adjustment options; however, there are a few that do have this feature.

Do You Need A Backboard For A Garage Mounted Basketball Hoop

You don’t necessarily need a backboard for a garage mounted basketball hoop; however, it does help. When playing with your team, there will always be a backboard on the hoop so it makes sense to practice with one as much as possible so you are more familiar with the effect that they have on the basketball. A brick wall has a different bounce effect on the ball while a backboard replicates game-like conditions when shooting. Backboards are made using different materials which are explained below.

  • Tempered Glass

This is the material for professional-level basketball. It is a very expensive backboard and isn’t seen that much outside of pro basketball.

  • Polycarbonate

These backboards are probably among the cheapest you can find. They are durable and offer a decent bounce but are not quite as good as acrylic backboards, described below.

  • Acrylic

These backboards are very common as they are very similar to tempered glass but a lot cheaper. They are fairly light-weight, too, which means that they don’t need as much support.

Best Garage Mounted Basketball Hoops

So, now that you know a little more about the types of basketball hoops available as well as backboard materials, you should be able to establish which type of basketball hoop is best suited for you. Below, we have listed some of our favorite garage mounted hoops that are available online right now.

Katop Garage Roof-Mount Outdoor Basketball Hoop

katop garage roof mount outdoor basketball hoop

The Katop Garage Roof-Mount Outdoor Basketball Hoop attaches to the garage roof rather than a wall. It has a very simple 3-step installation process, making light work of getting the basketball hoop up and ready. The backboard is made from clear acrylic with an aluminum frame making it highly stable. It’s a perfect solution to get the height you need when the garage wall is not quite high enough.

  • Breakaway rim for wrist protection
  • 60” x 36” clear acrylic backboard
  • Heavy-duty double spring rim
  • 3-step installation process
  • Durable with high stability

Lifetime Basketball Rim

lifetime basketball rim

This mounted basketball hoop is much cheaper than the one above; however, it is rather minimal. If you aren’t bothered about a backboard and you have a small budget, this could be the one for you. The Lifetime Basketball Rim is quite literally a mounting bracket, a rim, and a net; however, the net is a 50g all-weather one. The setup does come with fitting bolts included so there is no need to find your own.

  • Solid construction
  • Easy to install
  • Thick and durable support brackets
  • 50g all-weather net

YOULAN Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop

youlan wall mounted basketball hoop

The YOULAN Wall-Mounted Basketball Hoop involves another 3-step installation system. The basketball hoop is resistant to rust and high temperatures and the 121x81cm backboard is, like the hoop, weatherproof. Although this basketball hoop is mostly used outdoors, it’s fine for outdoor use, too. The whole setup weighs around 20kg and the rim diameter is approximately 48cm.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Weatherproof system
  • Rust resistant
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • High temperature resistant

You may not be able to accommodate a full-sized basketball court at home but that doesn’t mean that you can’t get a decent basketball hoop and make the most with the space that you’ve got. Let’s face it, if you are only looking at improving your shooting skills, then you don’t need a load of space. All you need is a decent basketball hoop with a durable net that can be fitted at the right height.

Best Basketball Hoop Net You Can Buy Online

Buying a portable, adjustable basketball hoop or a garage mounted hoop doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re set. But you still need an essential piece of basketball equipment: a net.

Weather happens and so does wear and tear. You’d be surprised at how quickly you can get through a basketball hoop net when it’s being used regularly. It’s also possible that you may have found a basketball hoop that has everything except a decent net. In this case, you may just want to switch it to a better quality one straight away. If you have found yourself in the position of needing a new basketball hoop net, this buyer’s guide is for you.

Why Do You Even Need A Basketball Net?

basketball hoop with steel net

While it might seem obvious for some, this question comes up a lot. Why does the hoop need a net when you play basketball? The answer is that you don’t absolutely need to have a net but it makes both the game and training a lot easier. Have you ever played a game of basketball without a net? If you have then you probably already know the reasons why a net makes it easier. First and foremost, a basketball net makes it clear that the ball went in. Without a net, someone needs to have eyes on the hoop at all times. It can be very easy to miss whether a shot was actually made or not. A net continues to move once the ball has passed through, so, even if you didn’t see it go in, you can see evidence that it did. Another reason to have a net is that it slows the ball down. When shooting hoops, once the ball has passed through the hoop, the net reduces its speed and force. By doing this, the basketball bounces a few times underneath the hoop making it easy to retrieve. Without a net, the basketball still has a lot of force once it’s gone through the hoop. This means that players have to chase the ball around which would also waste time. When a basketball goes through a hoop at force and there is no net in place, it can easily get out of control and hit a player who isn’t watching the ball.

Are There Different Types Of Basketball Nets?

There absolutely are. In professional basketball, official nets are made from nylon and are white in color. A majority of the basketball nets on the market are made from nylon but they can be different colors and sometimes different lengths. There are also chain nets on the market. Chain nets make a much louder sound and are common for outdoor basketball courts because the material is more durable in bad weather than nylon. But, all in all, there isn’t much difference between nylon ones and chain ones.

Buying Basketball Nets Online

These days, buying a basketball hoop net is simple. So simple, in fact, that you can log onto Amazon and buy a great quality one from there. Below are some of our top buys for basketball nets.

Spalding 413-625 NBA On-Court Net

spalding 413-625 nba on court net

Why not start our list with the Spalding 413-625 Official NBA On-Court Net. Affordable and high quality, this net has rigid loops at the top to prevent it from whipping around as well as polypropylene tips for longer durability. This net is very easy to install but it is pretty thick which might require some minor DIY for portable basketball hoops. Nonetheless, they hold up very well and is great for indoor and outdoor use.

  • NFHS Certified
  • Rigid loops to prevent whipping
  • Polypropylene tips for durability
  • Easy to install

BetterLine 2 Pack Basketball Nets

betterline 2 pack basketball nets

Aside from mini courts at home, most courts have two basketball hoops. And, if you need to replace one, you will probably need to replace the other as well. If that is the case then the BetterLine 2 Pack Basketball Nets are a great choice. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and meet the standard size of 21 inches. These nets are made to last and considered weather-proof. With the traditional 12 fitting loops, these nets are very easy to install.

  • Money-back guarantee
  • Official size
  • Long-lasting
  • Easy to install
  • Anti-whip

LeadTeam Nightlight Basketball Net

leadteam nightlight basketball net

This basketball net is a bit unique but still comes highly recommended. The LeadTeam Nightlight Basketball Net contains small fluorescent components that absorb sunlight during the day and glow at night. This obviously makes the net ideal for outdoor basketball hoops because you can play longer, even into dusk. The net itself is made from thick polyamide fiber which is quite a bit stronger than an average basketball net. Like the others, this net comes fitted with 12 loops making it very easy to attach to a standard or an NBA or NCAA official size basketball hoop. As well as glowing in the dark, this net is also weather-resistant so it will last throughout gameplay and harsh weather conditions.

  • Easy 12 loop attachment fitting
  • Glows in the dark
  • Contains solar absorbing elements
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable

Champion Sports Galvanized Steel Basketball Net

champion sports galvanized steel basketball net

Last but not least we have the Champion Sports Galvanized Steel Basketball Net. This is a chain net that is zinc plated and rust-proof. Because it is made from galvanized steel, it can withstand all weather conditions and is perfect for outdoor use. The chain linking is heavy duty so it should last a very long time. The Champion Sports Galvanized Steel Basketball Net can be easily attached to any standard basketball hoop. One thing is for sure, chained basketball nets provide the best “swoosh” sound ever.

  • Rust-proof
  • Heavy-duty chain link
  • Indoor and outdoor use
  • Easily attaches to standard basketball hoops

That pretty much sums up our list of best basketball nets that you can buy online. If you are training for basketball currently, try to make sure that your net is in good enough condition. It makes score counting so much easier and, because of the sound created from a basketball going through the net, you can to tell how clean of a shot you just made. This in itself helps you improve your shooting technique.

Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoop Buying And Installation Guide

Buying an outdoor portable basketball hoop is one thing but, installing it is a whole other project in itself. To try and clear the uncertainty and confusion that surrounds buying and installing an outdoor basketball hoop, we have put together the ultimate guide to help. First, you will find our outdoor portable basketball hoop buying guide and then we will dive right into the setting up process.

Buying An Outdoor Portable Basketball Hoop

Buying an outdoor portable basketball hoop isn’t quite as straight forward as simply choosing one that you like. There are many other things to consider before making the purchase. The first place to start would be deciding where it is going to go. Admittedly, it is a portable basketball hoop that we are talking about but even so, the location that you have in mind may have restrictions. You will want to ensure that the space you have in mind has enough height as well as enough playing room for its purposes. There are backboards and fittings and all sorts of things that can affect what type of basketball hoop you get so remember, figure out where you want to put it first.


You may already know this but there are three main materials that backboards are made from. Each of them has a different effect on the ball and each of them has varying price tags.

basketball backboard

  • Tempered Glass

This is the top of the range of backboard material. All professional basketball games will have a tempered glass backboard and, of course, it is the most expensive. They are also pretty hard to come across as well. If you have the space and the budget for a tempered glass basketball backboard then you will likely need to find a specialized seller.

  • Acrylic

Acrylic backboards are easily the most common ones. They are lightweight and perform pretty similar to that of tempered glass. In terms of price, they can still fetch a pretty penny but are nowhere near as expensive as tempered glass ones.

  • Polycarbonate

Still durable and fairly similar to acrylic ones Polycarbonate is a lower-end backboard.

Other Important Things To Consider

basketball hoop aerial view

So, you know which type of basketball hoop you want and you know where you want to put it, simply right? Not quite. There are still a few other things that you should be aware of.

  • Weather Resistant

Outdoor basketball hoops aren’t going to last forever but they should last a long while. Always make sure that they are weather-resistant for long levity.

  • Rim Size

An official basketball rim measures 18 inches in diameter. Therefore you will want to ensure that the rim on your portable outdoor basketball hoop measures the same.

  • Nets

The net on your basketball hoop will need to be replaced from time to time. Because of this, look into how easy it is to attach or detach a basketball net from the hoop.

  • Reviews

The best way to find out how good an outdoor basketball hoop really is is to read reviews from other customers. That way you will get a good idea of how well the product matches up to expectations.

Outdoor Basketball Hoop Installation Guide

portable basketball hoop

Ok so, here comes the slightly trickier part. Sometimes outdoor portable basketball hoops come with easy to follow instructions. But, then there are outdoor basketball hoops that come with the most complicated instructions ever and the process ends up taking a ridiculous amount of time. This guide might not be suitable for every outdoor adjustable basketball hoop but it should be able to help if you get really stuck.

  • Pole Sections

You may find that the pole for your basketball hoop system is in different sections. If so then locate the middle and top sections. Most of the time these systems extend like a telescope so you will need to feed the sections through one another without pulling them through completely. Once you have done this you will then need to secure them using bolts, nuts, and washers.

  • The Base Setup

Some basketball systems will require the setup of the base. If you have metal braces for your base then these will need to be secured together. Most of the time these types of metal brace systems will fit together in the shape of a triangle. They then are attached to the top of the plastic base where you will find grooves for them. You may also need to secure metal braces to the underside of the base.

  • Fitting the Pole Into The Base

This will vary depending on which system you have. Some setups will have a fitting for the pole to slip into the base and others will have a construction that attaches to the pole. Getting to this point usually means that the complexity is behind you but if you are still unsure of which system you have, then refer to the picture on the front. If the pole is secured outside of the base then there will probably be two braces on either side that need to be secured, a total of four. Once you have completed that you just need to attach the wheels.

  • Backboard and Rim Assembly

Most of the time the basketball rim will have brackets attached that slot into the bottom of the backboard. Once you have pushed the brackets of the rim through, you will then need to push it onto the top of the pole. After that, you need to secure them all together with the bolts. There are typically two bolts attaching the top of the pole to the backboard and two bolts either side of the rim bracket attaching it to the top of the pole. One of the last steps will be to install the backboard braces to the support pole. This just provides more stability to the basketball hoop.

Once you’ve followed those steps it should be a simple case of attaching the net, standing the outdoor portable basketball hoop upright, and filling the base. To provide weighted support most basketball hoop bases are filled up with either water or sand. If you have any issues with the installation of your outdoor portable basketball hoop we highly recommend contacting the seller or manufacturer.

5 Awesome Basketball Backpacks

As great as basketball is, there is a good amount of gear that’s needed. For people on the go (which, to be fair, is probably most of us), we need a bag that lets us carry all of our basketball gear around. We created this post to share with you the features and highlights of our 5 favorite basketball backpacks.

Why Do You Need A Basketball Backpack?

Well, for starters, basketballs are pretty big. In fact, they are much too big for regular backpacks. Carrying them around all day is an option, of course, but these are balls we are talking about here. They roll and bounce which makes it really easy for them to fall out of your hand and start rolling downhill. Basketball backpacks come in all shapes and sizes making them ideal for all basketball players, whether they are adults, children, or pros. You can get smaller ones to fit only your basketball or larger ones to store additional gear. Whatever your basketball needs, there is surely a basketball backpack for you out there.

hanging basketball

Materials and Comfort

First, these bags are going to be carried on your back so you need to make sure that they’re comfortable. Larger backpacks with several compartments will probably get quite heavy, too, so you don’t want a bag that is going to drag you down or hurt your back. In terms of material, you definitely want a water-resistant one. You never know when a random rain shower is going to fall, even if you live in the warmer states. In addition to weather-resistant, basketball backpacks should be durable, too. The last thing you want to do is spend time searching for a new one every few weeks or so when it breaks. Materials like nylon, high-density canvas, and polyester are all ideal choices for a basketball backpack.

Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack

nike hoops elite max air team 2.0 backpack

Nike is a high-quality, well-known sportswear brand so it’s no surprise to see them on our list. The Nike Hoops Elite Max Air Team 2.0 Backpack comes with a variety of pockets and a weather-resistant bottom. It’s fairly large with plenty of room to fit a basketball and then some. Thankfully, there is a quad zip system that enables you to open it from all sorts of angles and it has two large open side pockets that are perfect for water bottles. A large backpack like this must be comfortable to carry and the Nike Hoops Elite definitely is. The shoulder straps are fitted with Nike’s signature Max Air units ensuring you carry with comfort.

  • Polyester material
  • Quad zip feature
  • Water-resistant bottom
  • Large enough for your whole kit and more

Acrodo Basketball Backpack

acrodo basketball backpack

This Acrodo Basketball Backpack is much more affordable than the above Nike Hoops Elite but it isn’t quite as big. It’s more like a long gym bag but divided into three sections. In the middle is the ball storage compartment which is completely separate from the other two pockets. On one side, there’s a drawstring shoe bag and on the other side is a fully lined food compartment. Perhaps not ideal for school purposes but definitely practical for sports and events. What makes this basketball bag interesting is that the straps ley you carry it either on one shoulder like a duffel bag or upright as a backpack. All the straps are padded and its size makes it ideal for both adults and children.

  • Ball compartment keeps the ball separate from other items
  • Functions as a duffel bag or a backpack
  • Insulated food compartment
  • Separate section for sports shoes keeps your bag clean
  • Fully padded straps

SKL Drawstring Backpack

skl drawstring backpack

One of the more basic designs of backpacks for basketballs is the SKL Drawstring Backpack. It has just enough room for a basketball along with a compartment underneath for shoes. On the market for a very affordable price, this bag is great for heading to the park after school or hitting the court with some friends on the weekend. It’s designed to carry up to 20kg of weight, which is more than enough for a ball and a pair of shows, and if features durable, adjustable straps. There are some mesh side pockets, too, ideal for storing water or a sports drink. Inside the bag, there is a dry, waterproof compartment to keep your valuables dry as well.

  • Double zipper
  • Polyester fiber
  • 100 percent washable
  • Simple design carrying a weight of up to 20kg
  • Dry, waterproof compartment
  • Adjustable buckle on straps

Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack

hard work sports basketball backpack

This design is more of a standard backpack with a ball holder attached to the front, but it works nonetheless. The Hard Work Sports Basketball Backpack features a large main compartment with enough room for books, sports clothing, shoes, and much more. It also has a mesh drink pocket on the side along with several pockets inside. The mesh ball compartment on the front has elastic banding to secure the ball in place. To ensure that the ball doesn’t pop out, there is also a buckle that fastens over the pocket.

  • Affordable
  • Breathable and adjustable straps
  • Separate mesh basketball compartment
  • Rubber backpack handle grip bar

VBG VBIGER Sports Basketball Backpack

vbg vbiger sports basketball backpack

A sleek design with many purposes, the VBG VBIGER Sports Basketball Backpack boasts a large detachable ball net for secure ball storage. Again, the ball is stored on the outside of the bag so the inside compartments will remain dirt-free. A lot of thought has gone into designing this backpack as it is scratch-resistant, shockproof, and tear-resistant. It also goes way beyond just carrying a basketball as it has a USB charging port and an audio cable so that you can recharge and listen to music when on the go.

  • Large, spacious bag
  • Separate outer net for basketball storage
  • USB charging port
  • Back and shoulder strap padding
  • Audio cable
  • Secured by zippers and buckles

Five very good and highly rated basketball backpacks in different sizes with different features. In this list, there is surely something to suit everyone and their sporting needs.

Best Portable Basketball Hoop You Can Buy Online

Having the ability to not only adjust the height of the rim but also to move the basket from one place to another is a very convenient and practical way to start a game. This type of flexibility is not available with traditional wall-mount or in-ground basketball hoops and, on many occasions, permanent setups require a special permit to install them, if not by your building manager then perhaps by city hall.

Portable basketball hoops enable you to adjust the height of the rim to fit the players’ needs. For example, if most of the players are between 8 to 12 years of age, you would want a shorter rim size for them. If most of the players are 18 years old or older, then you will need a higher rim.

For these two reasons, getting a portable and adjustable basketball hoop is by far the best investment you can make to help your friends and fellow teammates improve their basketball skills, whether playing indoors or outdoors.

What To Look For When Buying A Portable Basketball Hoop

There are only four main factors to consider when deciding what the best portable and adjustable basketball hoop are. They are:

  • Backboard

There are many different backboard sizes and materials so picking the best one often depends on our needs and preferences. Backboard Size and dimensions often vary between 44” to 54” wide. These are the more affordable end in terms of price but the downside is it makes practicing layups and shooting off the backboard too difficult, especially for the younger ones. Remember, the NBA official backboard regulation size is 72” wide by 42” tall.

basketball backboard

The material also plays a big role in both playing and cost-wise. Plastic backboards are among the most popular because they are virtually indestructible and shatter proof but they offer very little rebound or bounce. Acrylic is the material used for mid-range priced backboards. An acrylic backboard offers a pretty decent balance between rebound, professional look, and, most importantly, cost.

Lastly is tempered glass, which is what is used at the professional level and offers the perfect rebound effect on the ball and, unlike acrylic-based backboards, won´t scratch over time. The downside is that it’s on the expensive side and also requires a larger support base.

  • Rim

Here, we´re not talking about the material as all basketball rims are built of iron. Instead, we´re referring to not only the rim´s diameter as well as how the rim is attached to the backboard. The official NBA rim diameter is also 18” so that’s the size to look for if you want something authentic.

basketball rim

Is the rim screwed into the backboard directly? Or is it a breakaway type? The first option, even though it is the most cost-effective solution, brings high levels of in-and-out bounce shots making it very difficult to make accurate long-distance jump shots. Also, when dunking the ball, it generates a great deal of pressure on the backboard, potentially damaging it over time. The breakaway system offers a spring between the rim and the backboard that absorbs the vibration produced by the ball when shooting, resulting in a much less pronounced rebound. It does, however, protect the backboard in the long-run.

  • Support Pole and Base

basketball support pole

This is perhaps one of the most overlooked factors when buying a basketball hoop but it is a very important one. The support pole controls the hoop´s adjustment capabilities in terms of the height while the base dimensions largely depend on the type of backboard you have. The base offers stability to the entire setup so make sure to take this into account when determining the type of backboard you´re looking for.

Now, based on the above, we have gathered what we believe to be the best portable and adjustable basketball hoops available online right now. Check out the following for ideas.

Spalding – 54” Polycarbonate Backboard Portable Basketball Hoop

spalding 54 inches polycarbonate backboard portable basketball hoop

The Spalding 54” Polycarbonate Backboard Portable Basketball Hoop isn’t quite up to professional basketball hoop standards in terms of size but it is a great quality 54”. It’s both portable and adjustable with a breakaway rim and a steel board frame. Although it’s not at the NBA regulated size, very few home basketball courts actually are and it’s possible to raise the height to the NBA regulated 10 feet.

  • Arena style padding
  • Fully adjustable
  • Polycarbonate backboard
  • 34-gallon base

Seatopia Portable Adjustable Junior Basketball Hoop

seatopia portable adjustable junior basketball hoop

A much more affordable option for juniors is the Seatopia Portable Adjustable Junior Basketball Hoop. For this basketball hoop, the height can be adjusted from between 5.73 feet to 6.87 feet. Since it is intended for children, the base doesn’t need to hold as much water, so, for this hoop, the capacity is 9.53 gallons. A great amount for younger players. The materials used for this basketball hoop are very durable and supportive. As for portability, it quite literally couldn’t be easier. There are two wheels located at the base so you can move it anywhere you like.

  • Water-resistant nylon net
  • Made with heavy-duty steel
  • Unbreakable PE panel
  • 9.53-gallon base

Spalding NBA 60” Acrylic Portable Hoop

spalding nba 60 inches acrylic portable hoop

An option that’s pretty pricey but a great portable basketball hoop is the Spalding NBA 60” Acrylic Portable Hoop. It is more suited to adults and teens with a 60” by 34” board size. It also features an arena slam breakaway rim as well as an adjustable hoop height up to 10 feet. This basketball hoop has 2 wheels for easy transportation. Although acrylic may be inferior to that of tempered glass, it is the absolute best second choice and it will in no way affect your progression.

  • 40-gallon base capacity
  • 4” steel pole
  • NBA padding on pole
  • 60” by 34” board size
  • Acrylic board with arena-style padding

Quality portable basketball hoops aren’t the easiest items to buy as they are expensive and there are limited sellers. Always do your due diligence before purchasing and be sure to check out the return options just in case it doesn’t meet expectations.