The Best Basketball Training Equipment That Will Help You Up Your Game

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We probably don’t need to tell you that basketball is an extremely competitive sport. It’s incredibly fast-paced and involves a lot of practice. So, if you want to become a great player, a legend, even, you need to train harder and longer than everyone else. In this post, we talk about basketball training equipment to help you up your game, work hard, become great, and stand above the rest.

Why Do You Need Basketball Training Equipment?

First of all, basketball training equipment isn’t a necessity, but it does provide a more in-depth training regime. It also helps to keep basketball drills interesting and fun. Above all, basketball training equipment is a great way to practice your abilities without having a partner by your side. This is arguably the reason why training equipment can help you improve your game. If all your teammates are busy and they don’t have time to train, grab your kit, set it up, and practice by yourself. Without equipment, it can become way too easy to not practice until you have friends or teammates available to practice with you.

Can Children Use Basketball Training Equipment

children playing basketball

One hundred percent. In fact, children would see huge benefits from using basketball training equipment. Most of the training equipment available online can be adjusted in height and width, making it great for both adults and children. If children can master their weaknesses at a young age, there’s no saying how far they could go.

Best Basketball Training Equipment

There are thousands of different types of basketball training equipment on the market. To make it a little easier for you, we have chosen our favorite items for this article and written a little description as to what they are used for.

Raise Your Game RYG Agility Training Set

raise your game ryg agility training set

Agility is a very important factor in basketball so you must work work on your agility as much as possible. In the Raise Your Game RYG Agility Training Set, you get five hurdles, eight cones, an agility ladder, three latex resistance minibands, and a jump rope. This kit contains everything you need to improve your agility tenfold. It is ideal for individual use or for the whole team. With this set, you will never be short on basketball drill options.

  • Comes with a bag to hold the kit
  • High-quality equipment
  • Includes an agility ladder, jump rope, three mini resistance bands, five hurdles, and eight cones
  • Can be used for a multitude of agility drills

AKA Basketball Dribble Trainer

aka basketball dribble trainer

Another very important part of basketball is dribbling. This skill can be very tricky to master and can often be the one that takes the longest to learn, mostly due to not having a partner when training. The AKA Basketball Dribble Trainer is the perfect solution to training on your own and allows you to practice dribble skills to your heart’s content. It’s portable, durable, and very easy to setup. On the dribble trainer, three flexible arms that are deemed unbreakable. They can be adjusted by both height and angle so that you can practice dribbling in all scenarios. Its small base can be filled with water or sand to help it stay stable while you train.

  • Improves handling skills and dribbling skills
  • Water or sand-filled base for stability
  • Includes three flexible and adjustable arms
  • Portable

INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer

innstar vertical jump trainer

Many skills need to be developed to become a great basketball player. The INNSTAR Vertical Jump Trainer can help to strengthen legs and muscles while improving your jump technique. Jumping inaccurately can cause a multitude of injuries, some of which can have a lasting impact on your body. You must learn to jump and land effectively. The waistband on the jump trainer can be adjusted from 27.5 inches to 38.5 inches but there is also a kit available in an XL size where the waistband can be adjusted to 44 inches. The set works by attaching the waistband and two smaller bands around your ankles. Because they are connected, it creates a slight resistance which will help to strengthen. This kit can be used during several exercises for basketball and other sports.

  • Shock absorber EVA
  • Easy to remove
  • Improve jumping and strength
  • Highly comfortable
  • Adjustable
  • Anti-snap sleeves

Spalding TF-Trainer Weighted Basketball

spalding tf trainer weighted basketball

Although a weighted basketball can’t be used during a game, they are very effective at improving strength and performance. The Spalding TF-Trainer Weight Basketball is the official basketball size and weighs 3 pounds. Using a weighted basketball for training exercises helps improve passing strength as well as dribbling techniques. Using it to practice shooting should help a player to extend their shooting range.

  • Official size
  • Weighs 3 pounds
  • Improve strength
  • Widens a player’s shooting range

GoSports Basketball Xtraman Dummy Defender

gosports basketball xtraman dummy defender

Practicing your shooting skills from different positions is one thing but being able to shoot while having a defender in your face is something completely different. The best way to practice a contested shot is to have real defenders around, but that isn’t always possible. The GoSports Basketball Xtraman Dummy Defender is a great alternative to the real thing. It was designed with the help of professional basketball coaches and players to help create an object that would truly help to improve a player’s contested shooting abilities and dribbling skills. It helps a player to remain in control and allows them to practice many game-like scenarios.

  • Improve shooting and dribbling
  • Dummy’s arms adjust from 2ft to 5ft tall
  • Helps to stimulate a real player on the court
  • Portable

We chose these items because they each bring something new to the table. Each one serves a different purpose. While these kits benefit you in many areas, they each present alternative training exercises to mix it up.