Adidas Adipure CrazyQuick Review

Adidas Adipure CrazyQuick Mens Basketball Shoe

Your basketball shoe should be able to keep up with your performance. With such, if you are trying to look for the best, one of the choices that should not be missed is the Adidas Adipure CrazyQuick men’s basketball shoe. Designed by one of the most trusted brands in the product category, this shoe is tailored for those who deserve nothing but the best. It is loaded with innovations that define the current breed of the most ideal basketball shoes.

Adidas Adipure CrazyQuick Mens Basketball Shoe

Adidas Adipure CrazyQuick Features

  • One of the most notable amongst the innovative features of this shoe is the SprintFrame construction. This is basically the one that is responsible for being both balanced and lightweight, which is critical in basketball shoes. This technology is a result of geometrical research, with the anticipation of trying to find the most essential design considerations to produce shoes that will be known for enhancing playing performance.
  • The PureMotion midsole is another feature that has captivated the attention of many of its buyers. With the integration of such midsole, you can expect that the shoe will be able to mimic the natural movement of your feet. Such movements will be characterized by being rapid, stable, and efficient, and collectively being able to allow you to move in a manner that is natural.
  • It is also worth noting that it comes with a non-marking rubber sole, which makes sure that the grip will be as solid as possible in all indoor surfaces. Since it is made from rubber, it also offers a high degree of flexibility for ease of movement, especially when you need to be as quick as possible to be on top of the game.
  • If you are thinking about your comfort, this shoe comes with a padded collar. This provides excellent support to the ankle, which will make sure that impact is minimized, especially when making jump shots. Even when you are playing for a long time, you will not feel easily tired and your feet won’t hurt.
  • It also comes with Techfit upper, which is an exclusive technology that has been developed for the purpose of making sure that it will be able to develop a sock-like fit. This also contributes in helping the player move in a manner that is flexible and natural.

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adidas Crazyquick Performance Review

What People Liked

  • Excellent traction
  • Good ankle support
  • Offers compression for enhanced performance

What People Disliked

  • Too narrow

Who Should Buy

This shoe should be purchased by serious basketball players, including those who play in professional leagues. Based on the recommendations of experts, this is one of the best pair for forwards and power forwards. Additionally, this is also the best buy for basketball players with a sense of style, given the fact that it has a highly attractive appearance.

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Indeed, this shoe is made to play. It is one of the most advanced from its class, as proven by the amalgam of technologies that have been integrated in the product to make it able to keep up with your playing skills, or even surpass your performance!

Adidas Adipure CrazyQuick
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